July 29, 2021


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Government claims, vaccine is being given daily in India as much as the population of Norway, said – it is a marathon, not a 100 meter race


New Delhi
Opposition Corona to the government in recent days speed of vaccination Surrounded by. He has been alleging that the pace of vaccination has slowed down. However, the government has something else to say. He has said that since June 21, 50 lakh people are being vaccinated every day in India. This is equivalent to vaccinating the Norwegian population daily. The Center also said that the process is a ‘marathon and not a 100m run’.

Health Department Joint Secretary Luv Aggarwal said that till now 34 crore people have been given at least one dose of Corona Vaccine. This is equal to the entire population of America.

“We are in the marathon and not the 100m race,” Agarwal said. Aggarwal was asked why this rate of vaccination has slowed down when more than 86 lakh doses were administered in India on June 21.

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On May 13, the government shared the roadmap for vaccine manufacturing in the country from August to December. It states that 75 crore doses should be of Covishield and 55 crore doses of Covaccine. There are two main suppliers of vaccines to the government.

Apart from this, 300 million doses of Biological E Ltd, 50 million doses of Zydus Cadila, 200 million doses of Novavax (manufactured by Serum Institute of India), 100 million nasal vaccines of Bharat Biotech, 60 million of Genova and Sputnik, it said. 15.6 million doses of V will be available between August and December.

On the availability of Kovid vaccines between August and December, NITI Aayog member (health) VK Paul said that it should be seen in a context.

“When we said we needed 216 million doses, companies and manufacturers shared optimistic estimates. We relied on his credentials to make this announcement. We thought it was appropriate to share it with the country because at that time it was felt whether vaccines were available or not.

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He pointed to Serum Institute of India (Covishield) and Bharat Biotech (Covaxin) that the two manufacturers have an estimate of Rs 90 crore and this seems achievable and they can produce more.

When asked about the biological E vaccine, Paul said, “We are so sure that we have placed the order in advance. In the case of Zydus vaccine, they have said that between August and December they will manufacture 50 million doses.

Asked about the modern vaccine approved for emergency use, Paul said discussions are on as to how the country will receive the vaccine. In the case of Johnson & Johnson, he said that the government is in touch with the American pharma company.