July 30, 2021


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The two children had a relationship with the mother… the son fabricated the story of his kidnapping to extort 25 lakhs from the father



  • Police arrested accused Shubham and his female friend Anita
  • Both the accused wanted to settle the house by stealing 25 lakh rupees from the father.
  • During interrogation it was revealed that Shubham and Anita, mother of two children, were in a relationship.

New Delhi
When the young man disappeared under mysterious circumstances, his father lodged a report. A woman sent WhatsApp messages to transfer money from her father. The police caught the woman from Agra and the young man from a hotel in Rishikesh. In fact, there was a friendship between the young man and the mother of two children. Taking money on interest, the young man spent it in fun and got into debt. Now both of them wanted to settle down after taking 25 lakh rupees from their father. Aman Vihar police station of Rohini district revealed the conspiracy and arrested women Anita alias Neha (38) and Shubham (28).

father had filed kidnapping case
DCP (Rohini) Pranav Tayal said that on June 29, Sunil Garg of Hapur complained about his son Shubham’s disappearance from Rohini. In his statement, he said that Shubham works in a company based in Sonipat. He had left Sonipat on June 25 to celebrate his friend’s birthday in Rohini. Since then there is no contact with him. In the initial investigation, the youth was last seen at Oyo Hotel in Rohini Sector-22. Based on this a case of kidnapping was registered.

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Anita was caught by technical surveillance
A team of SI Manish and ASI Naveen was formed under the supervision of ACP Atul Kumar and SHO Upendra. Investigation revealed that on June 28, Anita alias Neha had contacted Shubham’s parents. He told that Shubham is stuck in debt, which needs 25 lakhs immediately to get rid of it. Five accounts were also given, in which money was asked to be transferred or deposited. Anita was apprehended from Tundla in Agra by technical surveillance. On his spot, Shubham was recovered from a hotel located in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

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Anita started living separately from her husband
Police interrogation revealed that Shubham and Anita, the mother of two children, were in a relationship. Both were planning to go away with the money and settle down. Anita’s husband Amit Pal and Shubham work in a company based in Panipat. Anita’s relationship with her husband was not going well for two years. The husband started living in Panipat, while she was living on rent in Karan Vihar-3, Suleman Nagar, Kirari, along with two children. Shubham borrowed money for fun. Took another loan to pay it off. Being in debt, he conspired with Anita.

.The two children had a relationship with the mother... the son fabricated the story of his kidnapping to extort 25 lakhs from the father