July 29, 2021


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3rd Covid Wave: IIT Kanpur study claims – Third wave of corona will not be more destructive, provided… the month of August is very important


New Delhi
The second wave of Corona is on the slopes in the country, but from now on the fears about the third wave are deepening. Meanwhile, in a study by IIT Kanpur, it has been told that if very fast spreading mutants of corona virus are not made, then the third wave will be weaker than the second and even the first wave. It is predicted on the basis of the ‘Sutra’ model.

According to the formula analysis, if the fast-spreading mutant is absent, then the third wave will be similar to the first. Professor Maninder Agarwal of IIT Kanpur, who was included in the team of scientists who did the source analysis, said that he has predicted three possible situations regarding the third wave of corona.

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“The third wave may be shorter,” he said. It may be weak. This would be a weak wave if there were no fast-spreading mutants. But if any rapidly spreading mutant of the virus remains, then the third wave will be similar to the first wave.


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Professor Aggarwal said, ‘According to the most optimistic estimate, life will return to normal by August provided no new mutants come. The second estimate is that vaccination will be 20 percent less effective. The third situation is disappointing, according to which a new mutant may emerge in August which will be 25 percent more infectious.

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According to the source model, if a mutant of the corona virus comes which can dodge the vaccine on a large scale or which can also penetrate the immunity of the cured people, then the above three possible conditions will become invalid.