July 29, 2021


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Covid-19: When will the corona pandemic end? Experts said – some cases will always come, the figure of zero is very difficult



  • According to experts, corona virus will keep changing form only to live
  • Having zero cases means the possibility of the virus being eradicated is very difficult, sporadic cases will keep coming.
  • According to experts, in the coming months or years, the global epidemic will take the form of an endemic epidemic.

New Delhi
There is a steady decline in the cases of Kovid-19 but as the nature of the virus is changing, the chances of reaching the magic figure of zero in Delhi are also getting lost. Experts predict that in the future the corona virus will turn into a local epidemic. At the Centre, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet colleague Satyendar Jain said last year that people have to learn to live with the coronavirus and make prevention measures a part of their lives.

‘Sporadic cases will always come’!
Dr Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of Delhi Government’s Loknayak Jaiprakash (LNJP) Hospital, said that some cases of infection will keep coming. ‚ÄúZero is an impossible figure. The nature of the virus is changing and it is difficult to predict its behavior in the future.

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‘Corona will keep changing form only to live’
Regarding why the virus has posed such a challenge, Dr. Sanjeev K Singh, Resident Medical Director of Amrita Hospital in Faridabad said that it is an mRNA virus that keeps changing its structure. He said, ‘This virus is smart and will keep changing its form just to survive. The COVID-19 disease will persist and may not affect all 193 countries but will continue to exist.

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Dr Singh said, ‘It will not be possible to come to zero (K figures). Hepatitis and HIV tests have to be done to get the surgery done in hospitals. Now the investigation of Kovid-19 will also be done.

‘Corona may change from global to endemic epidemic in 1-2 years’
Dr. Gauri Agarwal, IVF expert and founder of ‘Seeds of Innocence’ said that keeping the pandemic of 1918 as a benchmark, we feel that it is impossible to eradicate the virus completely. He said, ‘As Kovid-19 turns into an endemic epidemic, probably in 12-24 months, such figures will stop coming on a daily basis. So, when we file a zero report, there can never actually be a zero case.

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‘If the mutant that neutralizes the vaccine does not come, the third wave will be weak’
Amid fears of a third wave and the emergence of a ‘delta plus’ form of the coronavirus, experts allayed fears of a possible wave becoming more lethal as most of the population has been infected. Dr. Rajesh Chawla, Senior Specialist in Lung Disease at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, said, ‘If there is no new form to neutralize the effect of the vaccine, I don’t think the third wave will be as deadly as the second wave. He specifically mentioned that in the coming days, the corona virus will turn into an endemic epidemic.

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‘70% cases of infection limited to Maharashtra and southern states’
Concurring with Chawla, Director, Internal Medicine, Max Healthcare, Dr. Rommel Tikoo said that we are still in the second Covid wave. He said, ’70 percent of the cases of infection are confined to Maharashtra and southern states. There was a sudden rapid increase in cases in the states of North India and the virus infected a large number of people at once, which is why there was a steady decline.

Now less than 100 cases are coming daily in Delhi
During the second wave, there was a crisis of medical oxygen in Delhi and there was also a shortage of beds. However, in the last few days, there has been a steady decline in the cases of infection and the infection rate is less than one percent. On Monday, 59 cases were reported in Delhi and two people died. Since then, around 90 cases are coming daily.