July 30, 2021


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Delhi: Fire breaks out in four-storey building, 8 families engulfed in flames rescued

Delhi: Fire breaks out in four-storey building, 8 families engulfed in flames rescued


  • A fire brigade worker and a resident of a building were among the scorched
  • A fire broke out in the parking lot on the ground floor, a car and a scooter destroyed
  • When people suffocated, they reached the roof, survived by going to the adjacent building.

Budh Vihar
A fire broke out in the parking lot of a four-storey building in Budh Vihar Phase-1 area on Saturday morning. The fire was so fierce that its flames and smoke engulfed the rest of the floors. Amidst the shouting, the people around called the local police and fire department. By then, people themselves started trying to douse the fire and rescue those trapped inside. After some time firefighters also arrived. With the understanding of the local people, everyone got out safely.

Two people, including a firefighter, were caught in the fire, who are undergoing treatment. The condition of both is said to be out of danger. Two vehicles were burnt in the accident. The police have registered the case. In the initial investigation, the police is expressing the possibility of short circuit.

electrical wiring fire
According to fire and local police, the injured have been identified as fire brigade constable Naveen and Kamlesh, a resident of the building. The police got the information at 6:04 am. Four fire tenders brought the fire under control after a lot of effort and rescued the people. The fire brigade said Naveen suffered two fractures on his opposite leg, while Kamlesh’s hand had hit an iron grill which was hot enough to burn his hand. His wife Archana and son Ayush were taken out safely.

There are eight flats in the four-storey building, in which families live. Everyone was sleeping at the time of the accident. The fire started in the electrical wiring in the parking lot on the ground floor. Cars and scooters parked in the parking lot were the first to hit. This made the fire grow rapidly. The fire started only on the ground floor, but the smoke had gone to the upper floor, where people were sleeping. Many people had reached the roof. He was rescued by putting a ladder on the same roof.