July 29, 2021


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Corona Vaccination News: How safe is the Kovid vaccine for pregnant women? Know what the experts have to say

 Corona Vaccination News: How safe is the Kovid vaccine for pregnant women?  Know what the experts have to say

The government is constantly emphasizing on increasing the vaccination amid the stagnation of the corona virus. Meanwhile, the central government made it clear that this vaccine is absolutely safe for pregnant women and their unborn child. Women can take the vaccine at any stage of pregnancy. Even after this approval of the Center, some pregnant women have many doubts on this subject, about which they are taking advice from experts.

‘Vaccine is safe for pregnant women as well as for the unborn child’
Health experts believe that the Kovid vaccine can protect pregnant women as well as the unborn child from infection. This is because the vaccine produces antibodies in the mother as well as in the unborn children. Dr Monika Anant, Additional Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, AIIMS-Patna said that many pregnant women with COVID-19 symptoms were hospitalized due to severe complications in the second wave.

Pregnant women will benefit from vaccination
Dr. Monica Anant said that in the first wave, where 14-15 percent of pregnant women had seen its infection, in the second wave it reached about 24 percent. However, antibodies develop in lactating mothers about two weeks after vaccination, peaking at 4 weeks. He said that if pregnant women are vaccinated, they will experience very mild symptoms even when exposed to the virus. It has also been observed that if pregnant women take the vaccine in their post-pregnancy period (4-5 weeks before delivery), the vaccine can protect the unborn baby as well.

Women taking advice from experts regarding vaccination
Renowned gynecologist Dr Manju Geeta Mishra said that the COVID vaccines are safe for pregnant women and protect them and their unborn children from infection. He said that many women are taking advice about getting the Kovid vaccine during pregnancy and its benefits. On an average, I get 6-7 such calls.

Dr. Sushma Pandey, former head of the Gynecology department at PMCH, said that health professionals need to mention the benefits of covid vaccination as well as the problems of not doing so. Based on information from health experts, pregnant women should decide whether they need the vaccine. Apart from this, the government should also spread awareness about vaccination. He also said that the vaccine is safe for pregnant and lactating women.