July 30, 2021


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Despite the support of the Islamic Ram Party to the Israeli government, the same attitude of the IDF, bombs again rained in Gaza

Despite the support of the Islamic Ram Party to the Israeli government, the same attitude of the IDF, bombs again rained in Gaza

Tel Aviv
Even after Naftali Bennett became prime minister in Israel, the same aggressive attitude of the Israeli army remains. It was feared that the army might show a soft stance on the Gaza Strip due to the Islamist Ram Party in the government. But, after the formation of the new government, the Israeli Defense Forces have broken this myth by conducting at least five attacks on Hamas terrorists.

Israel bombed Gaza on Saturday
The Israeli Defense Forces said on Saturday that it had targeted several Hamas targets in response to explosive balloons coming from Gaza. In this airstrike, the Israeli army claimed to have destroyed a Hamas terrorist hideout and its rocket launching site. Despite the ceasefire, Hamas extremists are sending condom bombs daily targeting Israel. It consists of flammable and explosive substances, which when collided, produce flames.

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Action in response to explosive balloons
In response to the sending of explosive balloons to Israel, the IDF tonight attacked a weapons manufacturing site and a rocket launcher belonging to Hamas, the IDF tweeted. The IDF will continue to resolutely respond to all terrorist attempts emanating from the Gaza Strip. A thermal video taken from a drone has also been attached in this tweet.

Many Hamas hideouts destroyed
According to the Shehab news agency, Israeli airstrikes targeted a site called Badr in the Netzarim area, south of Gaza City. This base was attacked by the Israeli army a week ago as well. A video recorded during this airstrike has also been shared on social media. It is being told that the attack was carried out by military reconnaissance aircraft.

Israel also attacked last Thursday
On Thursday, the Israeli army also attacked several Hamas targets. During this, Israel claimed to have destroyed Hamas’s weapons manufacturing factory. In early May, Hamas fired more than 4,000 rockets at Israel. In response, Israel also destroyed several Hamas bases in the Gaza Strip. Hamas suffered heavy losses in Israeli attacks.

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Who is Israel’s Ram Party
The Ram Party claims to lead Arab-origin residents in Israel. There are not many Arab Muslims in this Jewish-majority country. Many of them Muslim voters are supporters of different parties. This is the first time that the Ram Party, a supporter of good relations with Palestine and Arab countries, has got the vote equivalent of five seats in the Israeli election.