July 31, 2021


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Last year, one-fourth of tribal children left school in class 9 and 10, every fifth Dalit student also away from studies



  • 16.1% of children dropped out of school in class 9 and 10 in 2019-20
  • Most in Assam, more than one-third dropped out
  • Dropout rate in Delhi higher than national average
  • More girls drop out than boys in Assam and Bihar

New Delhi
During the year 2019-20, about one-fourth of the tribal children studying in classes 9 and 10 dropped out of school. One out of every five Dalit students also dropped out of studies. In comparison, one out of every nine students in the ‘General’ category dropped out. In Assam, more than one-third of the children drop out. This has been revealed from data from the Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE).

Most of the children broke away from studies in class 9 and 10 itself. The dropout percentage at the primary level is quite low (less than 5%). The dropout at upper primary level was estimated to be less than 2% in most of the states. However, the dropout rate in these classes is high among Dalit and Adivasi children.

Dropout rate in Delhi is higher than in the country
Last year, Assam had the highest number of dropouts (34.4%) in Classes 9 and 10. 26.8% of the children in Madhya Pradesh dropped out of these classes while in Gujarat 24.1 percent. The dropout rate (21.5%) in class 9 and 10 in the capital Delhi was higher than the national rate (16.1%). States with tribal populations – Madhya Pradesh and Odisha have the largest number of tribal children drop out of school. 31.5% of tribal children in Odisha and 30.9% of children in MP dropped out of school in 9-10 years.


more boys left school than girls
In 2019-20, in addition to middle level, the number of boys in terms of drop out of school in primary classes was higher than girls. In the upper primary classes (6-8), the number of girls out of school was higher than that of boys. According to the report, the overall dropout rate at the secondary level in the country is more than 17 percent. The rate is 1.8 percent at the upper primary classes (6 to 8) and 1.5 percent at the primary level.

The drop out rate in primary classes for boys was 1.7 percent while that of girls was 1.2 percent. Similarly, the dropout rate for girls in secondary classes was 16.3 percent while that of boys was 18.3 percent.


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