July 31, 2021


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Bone Death: Cases of Bone Death are coming out among people who have recovered from Corona, know what is it and how it is affecting



  • ICMR DG said Kovid increases the risk of blood clotting
  • Bone death occurs due to stoppage of blood supply
  • Medicine can be cured in early stage, later surgery is the only treatment

New Delhi
After recovering from corona infection, where the risk of black fungus was visible earlier, now in the case of bone death, it is also coming to the fore. After recovering from Kovid, there have been cases of avascular necrosis i.e. bone death in some patients in Mumbai. According to doctors, this happens due to the closure of blood supply to the bone.

Avascular necrosis can occur if there is a problem with the blood supply.
Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) DG Dr. Balram Bhargava said that it is already known that there is a risk of blood clotting in Kovid patients. If there is no blood supply, avascular necrosis can occur. Therefore, all the serious patients of Kovid who are admitted to the hospital are given blood thinners and this is also mentioned in the guidelines.

This disease is not new
Dr. Kaushal Kant Mishra, Director, Joint Replacement, Fortis Escorts Hospital said that avascular necrosis in bone is not a new disease. This has been seen before. This disease was mostly found in people who use steroids or smoke or take alcohol for some reason.

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Bone death occurs due to the closure of blood supply to the bones.
Dr Mishra said that even after recovering from Kovid, avascular necrosis is visible in some patients, there can be two important reasons for this. First, there is a risk of blood clots in Kovid patients, due to which there is a heart attack, brain attack, paralysis or problems in the kidney and intestine. This is due to the loss of blood supply to these organs and they stop working. Similarly, avascular necrosis or bone death occurs when the blood supply to the bones is cut off.

Bone death due to excessive use of steroids?
Second, it has also been seen that steroids have been used in about 70-80% of Kovid patients. It is therefore difficult to say whether avascular necrosis of the bone is due to clotting or the use of steroids.

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The bones of these body parts are affected
Whatever the reason, the patient’s problem and his treatment are the same. Dr. Mishra said that some bones of the body are more prone to avascular necrosis such as the hip ball, the bone just below the thumb (scaphoid) or the lower third of the leg, the ball of the shoulder, the talus bone which is the ankle joint. and can occur in the knee bone.

What is avascular necrosis
When the blood supply to any bone is exhausted, the lack of oxygen in it leads to the death of bone cells, as in any other organ. Because of this, there is pain in that place or around that bone. There is a problem in movement and arthritis occurs in the joint, that is, the joints get damaged.

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According to the doctor, as a precaution, people should not drink alcohol, use steroids only under the supervision of a doctor, do not smoke. It is treated according to the stage in which avascular necrosis is. In the initial stage, only medicines can be beneficial, but later surgery is needed. The most common surgery is hip joint replacement, as avascular necrosis affects the hip ball in about 50-60% of cases.