July 29, 2021


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Modi Cabinet Expansion: Youth, OBC, Administrative Experience… Focus on these things in the expansion to be held in Modi cabinet today


New Delhi
All eyes are on Delhi as PM Modi is going to expand his cabinet this evening. In such a situation, everyone wants to know who is going to get a place in Modi’s cabinet. More or less all the names have been known to everyone, yet the real picture will come out only by this evening. According to government sources, after the expansion of the cabinet, this will be the youngest cabinet in the country so far, that is, the average age of the ministers in this cabinet will be less than all the cabinets so far.

Big message before 2022 assembly elections
It is believed that in this cabinet expansion of PM Modi, focus will also be kept on the assembly elections to be held in many states in 2022. It means to say that through cabinet expansion, efforts will be made to solve the electoral equation of the states. During the cabinet expansion, special focus will be on electoral states like Uttar Pradesh. Care will be taken that all major communities and all areas are represented in the cabinet so that all sections of people can be attracted towards them.

Expansion of Modi cabinet on Wednesday? UP expected to get special attention
Most of these names are discussed
In PM Modi’s cabinet expansion, BJP MP Jyotiraditya Scindia, Maharashtra’s big name Narayan Rane, former Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal, UP’s Basti MP Harish Dwivedi are most likely to get a place. Amidst the discussion of cabinet expansion, a gathering of leaders has also started in Delhi.

Know which leaders can get a chance in Modi cabinet, read here the full list of possible ministers
Preference given to youth as well as administrative experience
If government sources are to be believed, after the expansion of the Council of Ministers, this will be the youngest cabinet of the country so far, that is, the average age of the ministers in this cabinet will be less than all the cabinets so far. Not only will the youth get a place, but the representation of women will also increase. Apart from this, some people who have administrative experience, who have been bureaucrats, are also going to get a place.

Modi Cabinet Expansion news: After expansion, Modi cabinet will be the youngest cabinet ever, OBC will have bat-bat
OBC category will also be taken care of
There are currently 53 ministers in the Modi cabinet, while it can have a maximum of 81 ministers. In this context, PM Modi can make 28 more ministers now. PM Modi also plans to give representation to small communities. In such a situation, it is believed that the OBC category will be given special attention in the cabinet expansion. According to sources, after this expansion, a total of 24 ministers belonging to backward classes will get a place in PM Modi’s council of ministers.