July 30, 2021


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Why did Dolly Khanna sell five lakh shares of this chemical maker in the June quarter

Why did Dolly Khanna sell five lakh shares of this chemical maker in the June quarter

New Delhi
Veteran investor Dolly Khanna (Dolly Khanna) are value investors. Dolly Khanna The specialty of this is that she knows how to identify the hidden diamonds of the stock market. Dolly Khanna buys companies with the best business potential in the smallcap and midcap space in a timely manner and earns profits by redeeming the investment made in that company when it becomes big.

Veteran investor Dolly Khanna in the June quarter Rain Industries (Rain Industries) has sold 5,00,000 shares. Rain Industries manufactures petroleum coke and other specialty chemicals.

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Dolly Khanna’s share reduced
Dolly Khanna has sold 4.64 lakh shares in Rain Industries in the June quarter. Because of this, his stake in the company has now come down from 1.31% to 1.17%. The company has released the shareholding data for the June quarter, this information has been received from it. It is a mere coincidence that Powerai Investment Fund 3 also sold a major stake in Rain Industries in the June quarter.

Pabrai Investment deducts share
Mohnish Pabrai’s Investment Fund-3 earlier held 4.38 percent stake in Rain Industries, but now the company is no longer a major shareholder in Rain Industries. His other fund, Powerai Investment Fund-II, has also reduced its holding in Rain Industries, which earlier held 4.35 percent shares, which has now come down to 4.34. It was Mohnish Pabrai who discovered Rain Industries. He has been an investor in Rain Industries for a long time. Recently, when the shares of Rain Industries have started underperforming, they plan to cut their stake. Domestic mutual fund managers have also reduced their stake in Rain Industries. Earlier 10 mutual funds held 0.86 per cent stake in Rain Industries, while only seven MFs have invested in Rain Industries and their stake is .004 per cent.

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