July 30, 2021


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Video: ‘World’s smallest cow’ queen created panic, despite the lockdown, thousands of people gathered to watch


Thousands of people throng to see Rani, a 20-inch dwarf cow, amid the coronavirus lockdown in Bangladesh. Its owner claims that world’s smallest cow is. The 23-month-old cow, found on a farm near the capital Dhaka, has become a star in Bangladeshi media overnight. This cow is being discussed all over the country.

Total length from mouth to tail is 26 inches
The length of this cow named Rani from mouth to tail is 26 inches. Its weight is also only 26 kg compared to 23 months old cows. The owners of this cow claim that it is four inches smaller than the smallest cow recorded in the Guinness World Records. However, it has not yet been officially confirmed by the Guinness World Records as the smallest cow in the world.

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Despite the lockdown, thousands of people gathered to watch
Despite a nationwide transport shutdown due to record coronavirus infections and deaths in Bangladesh, people rickshaw to a farm in Charigram, 19 miles southwest of Dhaka. 30-year-old Reena Begum, who came to see this cow from the neighboring city, said that ‘I have never seen anything like this in my life. Manager of Shikar Agro Farm, M.A. Hassan Howlader measured this cow with a tape and showed it to everyone.

So far this record in the name of Manikyam cow of India
So far the world’s smallest cow’s record is in the name of a cow named Manikyam from the state of Kerala, India. In 2014, the Manikyam cow of Vechur breed was measured to be 24 inches tall. If Guinness World Records gives it official recognition, the Queen of Bangladesh will become the world’s smallest cow. The owner of this cow said that Guinness World Records took three months to add it to their list.

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people want to take selfie with cow
Shikar Agro Farm, which reared this cow, had bought this cow after its birth from a farm in Naugaon. The manager of the farm told that despite the corona virus lockdown, people are coming to see this cow after traveling hundreds of kilometers. Most of the people want to take selfie with Rani. In three days alone, more than 15,000 people have come to see the queen. To be honest, we are tired.