July 29, 2021


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Delhi: A man was given the ‘first’ dose of the vaccine twice, after putting on a coveshield, said – forget the earlier vaccine



  • 59-year-old labor Laxman Pandit took the first dose in April
  • When he came to get the vaccine for the second time, he was put on a coveshield.
  • Again message of first dose on mobile

New Delhi
A case of negligence in applying corona vaccine has come to light in the capital. Laxman Pandita, a 59-year-old man, was administered the first dose of the vaccine twice. Laxman Pandit had gone to a government school in Kadipur, North West Delhi to receive the second dose of the Kovid vaccine on July 1. Laxman first showed the people there the text message he had received from the Kovin app on his phone. Two hours later his phone beeped. The confirmation message congratulated him on receiving his first dose of Covishield.

The first dose of Covaccine was taken in April
Pandit said that I was aware that I have to take the second dose of Covaccine because I had got the first vaccine dose but again the message of the first dose came on my mobile. He further added that I showed both the messages to an acquaintance of the colony, who confirmed it. Laxman Pandita says that I had administered the first dose of Covaxin in April at a dispensary in Mukhmelpur. After that went to Bihar in lockdown. Pandit told that due to flood I could not save the document which was proof of my dose of Covaccine.


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Showed the message but still installed Covishield
When Pandit went to the vaccination center at Kadipur school, he showed him the text message he had received after the first dose. So technically he should have been given the second dose of Covaxin but he was given the first dose of Covishield. His acquaintance Vikas Saini checked on the CoWin site and found out that he was given Covaxin as the first dose.

health deteriorated after covishield
Pandit lives alone in Delhi and claimed to be ill after the injection. He said that four hours after getting the vaccine, I complained of headache, fever and nausea. My mouth got dry even after drinking a lot of water. I have not been able to eat since then. He said that all the time I feel worried as if I have stolen something. He said that Mukhmelpur is 5 km away from my house, so I went to the vaccination center near the house for the second dose.


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Reported mistake to officials
Fearing that he might fall ill, Lakshmana Pandit went back to the center of Kadipur. He informed the officials here about the mistake. Pandit alleged, he tore my earlier paper and changed things on the computer. After that again asked me to forget about the earlier vaccine dose. He said that I will have to come for the second dose after 84 days.

I have been wrong… what will happen to the children after me?
Laxman Pandit said that he was worried about what would happen to his children if he died. He said that I will not go back to take another dose now. Pandit said that there was a lot wrong with me, I told him that I do not know how to read, so check yourself.

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