July 30, 2021


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Watch Video: Dangerous landing at world’s third most dangerous airport, horrifying video


Many times people panic while taking-off or landing of a flight, but if you see a viral video of Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport in Portugal, then maybe all the other flights will seem like child’s play. This airport is considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Obviously controlling the plane here is a risky task and something similar is seen in this viral video.

The video shared on Tik-Tok has been taken from the cockpit of the plane. It is seen arriving at the airport. Landing it is a big challenge because under 500 feet very strong winds are blowing. The weather here usually remains the same, so not every pilot is allowed to fly a plane here.

Such a view, stop breathing
The video shows how the plane successfully landed amidst turbulence on a small runway and during this the onlooker’s breath stopped. According to an article in Roots Traveler, there used to be a short runway here, due to which a plane collided with the shore in 1977 and 131 people lost their lives. After that the runway was extended but visibility was not much better due to hilly terrain.

On the other hand, the weather here is also very dangerous and a plane has crashed because of this. That’s why not every pilot is allowed to fly a plane here. Many people have called this video dangerous, while many have also praised the pilot.

Which is the most dangerous airport?
According to a report by Economic Times, Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Nepal is considered to be the most dangerous airport in the world. It is at an altitude of about 10 thousand feet and due to being on the Himalayas, the weather here is even worse. At the same time, Saint Maarten’s Princess Juliana Airport comes in second place, whose runway is only 7500 feet long. After this, Cristiano Ronaldo Airport comes at number three.