July 30, 2021


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Afghan soldiers fleeing fear of Taliban… So will Afghanistan seek military help from India?


New Delhi
With the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the terror of the Taliban is reaching its peak. The Taliban have captured 85 percent of the country. Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to India Fareed Mamundza has said that as of now they have not requested India for any (military/air force) assistance. India has shown generosity by providing 11 helicopters so far.

“I thank India for coming forward and supporting our army,” Farid said. He said, ‘No other country has given us the kind of help India has given us in the Air Force so far in this area. No other country has given us as many weapons as India has given us. I thank India for this.

Actually, the situation in Afghanistan has suddenly worsened. US troops are withdrawing ahead of schedule in Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden has announced that the US military will end its military operations in Afghanistan by August 31. Under the exit plan, this deadline was earlier kept on September 11.

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American soldiers leave overnight
With the withdrawal of US forces, the havoc of the Taliban has increased there. It has come to such an extent that 1,500 government soldiers of Afghanistan have fled to the neighboring country of Tajikistan. While evacuating seven airports including Bagram, American soldiers did not even inform the government. He left behind many of his small things. The local people took it to ‘loot’. Bagram has been considered a fort of the US Army. Here he was at the front for 20 years.

Taliban wreaking havoc, Biden in a hurry to flee Afghanistan, deadline fixed
India has made big investment
India has made huge investments in the infrastructure of Afghanistan. It is worth about three billion dollars. On the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has expressed concern. In Moscow, he said that who should rule Afghanistan should not be ignored.

External Affairs Minister S. “Certainly we are concerned about the developments in Afghanistan,” Jaishankar said in a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

keeping an eye on the political situation
India has been a major party to peace and stability in Afghanistan. He is supporting the national peace and reconciliation process. India is closely monitoring the changing political situation there since the US signed a peace deal with the Taliban. India has said that it remains committed to providing continued support to Afghanistan during its transition.

Amidst the changed situation in Afghanistan, the question is bound to arise that what will be the role of India there now. In order to support the army, how Afghanistan will seek its help and what will be India’s stand on it, it has to be seen.