July 30, 2021


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Order to schools in Chicago, America, arrange free condoms for children above 5th


After an order issued for schools in the US city of Chicago, there has been anger on social media. Under the new school policy, schools will have to make arrangements for condoms for children of class V or above. That is, schools will arrange condoms for children up to the age of 10 years. After this order, there is a strong reaction on social media. People are calling it shameful and sick mentality.

The new policy from the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education requires schools to provide free condoms to children in grades fifth and above. The rationale behind this is that it will help prevent sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection and unwanted pregnancy in children. This policy was made in December 2020 itself, but due to the closure of the school due to Corona epidemic, it could not be implemented. Schools are set to open in Chicago from next month.

People are expressing their anger on social media regarding the new school policy. Some have called it a sick mentality, while some have questioned what has happened to this country.

A Twitter user named Andrew Pollock wrote, ‘Chicago will provide free condoms in elementary schools. What is your opinion about action against gangs so that children can go to school without fear of being shot?’

People are reacting to this tweet by Pollock and expressing their anger by expressing surprise at the new school policy.

.Order to schools in Chicago, America, arrange free condoms for children above 5th