July 29, 2021


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China making PLA soldiers superpowerful by genetic tampering, alarm bell for India?



  • China is changing genes to make Chinese soldiers superpowerful
  • Study stealing genetic data of 80 lakh pregnant women
  • India may be in big danger, experts also warned

China is doing biological experiments on its soldiers to make them super powerful. Most of the soldiers on whom these experiments have been done, most of them are posted on the border with India. The threat to India has increased manifold due to this gene research program of Chinese company BGI Group and People’s Liberation Army. Not only this, China is also secretly studying the genetic data of pregnant women from many countries around the world.

China is making soldiers super powerful
UK-based news agency Reuters reported on 7 July that the BGI Group has published studies on interactions between genes and drugs to protect Han soldiers stationed in high-altitude areas from brain surgery. Advisors to the Biden administration warned in March that Chinese company BGI Group was studying women’s genomic data with artificial intelligence. China can get economic and military benefits from this.

alarm bells for america
US advisers believe the technology could propel China to dominate global pharmaceuticals. He also raised the possibility that genetically advanced and superpowered soldiers and other serious diseases could disrupt the American people or the food supply. Since the information about this research of China, the senses of the US government have been blown away.

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How dangerous is this experiment for India?
According to this report, the Chinese company and the PLA are working together to modify the genes of the soldiers. This will provide relief from diseases like high altitude sickness and hearing loss during deployment of soldiers at altitude. Amidst the ongoing tension in Ladakh for the last one year, India and China have stationed their troops in the high altitude areas of Ladakh. Several reports claimed that Chinese soldiers were falling ill during high altitude deployment. If China is successful in this experiment, then its soldiers will be able to remain stationed in high altitude areas for a long time.

What did the BGI group say in the clarification?
China’s BGI Group says it is conducting research to detect abnormalities such as Down syndrome in the fetus. To do this, it is collecting leftover blood samples and genetic data from prenatal tests sold in at least 52 countries. The report claims that this Chinese company has conducted antenatal tests of at least 8 million women. However, the company claims that it only collects data on women from China and not from outside countries.