July 30, 2021


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PM Modi created a new cooperative ministry and gave responsibility to Shah, know why?

PM Modi created a new cooperative ministry and gave responsibility to Shah, know why?


  • Amit Shah elected as the youngest chairman of Ahmedabad District Co-operative Bank
  • BJP got its benefit in North Gujarat due to party’s entry in dairy cooperatives
  • The country’s Home Minister Amit Shah has got the responsibility of the new cooperative ministry

New Delhi
A special cooperative ministry is being discussed after the expansion of the Modi cabinet. ministry of cooperation of. This ministry was made new and its command has been given to the Home Minister of the country Amit Shah. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given him this responsibility very thoughtfully. Amit Shah has a long history of working in the cooperative sector and is no stranger to this sector. His work done in Gujarat at one time in the cooperative sector is remembered even today.

That’s why Shah got the responsibility

For Union Home Minister Amit Shah, this is an area that has taught him an important lesson in formulating a political strategy. This ministry will benefit from their power and political ability to establish links with rural areas. Also, with sugar cooperatives having an important role in Maharashtra, Amit Shah will have opportunities to strengthen the party in the state.

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That’s how the connection started

His association with the cooperative sector began when Amit Shah was elected as the youngest chairman of the Ahmedabad District Co-operative (ADC) Bank. In the mid-nineties, he won the election at the age of 36. Gujarat BJP spokesperson and chartered accountant Yamal Vyas said that Amit Shah’s contribution in reviving the urban cooperative banking sector in Gujarat was amazing. Yamal Vyas pointed out that in less than a year, Amit Bhai made about a hundred trips to Delhi to persuade Atalji (Vajpayee) and the then Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha for substantial policy changes to save the bank.

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Congress’s stronghold made an edge
After becoming a minister in 2002 when he handed over the charge of ADC Bank to Ajay Patel, Shah gradually worked in other district cooperative banks, usually headed by Congress leaders, and over the years, most of them Established the supremacy of BJP in A senior BJP worker from Gujarat, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that Shah’s realization of the political importance of cooperatives soon led him to the dairy sector in the state. Here too, his efforts should strengthen the BJP candidates’ grip on cooperatives. Gone. A BJP functionary in Gujarat admitted that the party’s entry into dairy cooperatives had serious electoral gains in areas such as northern Gujarat, which were traditionally Congress strongholds.

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This formula was tried in UP
Amit Shah made full use of his experience of Gujarat in UP. Before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Shah used the lessons he learned in these areas in UP. According to sources, the technique adopted by Shah in Uttar Pradesh is exactly the same as he did for the cooperative sector. First, he identifies his goal and then everything behind it. Electoral strategists believe that Shah’s grip on the cooperative sector in Gujarat as well as his skill in handling the sector will come in handy for the BJP in western states such as Gujarat as well as in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, where elections are due.