July 29, 2021


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After an altercation in the bar, the SI was beaten up after chasing for 10 kilometers, the policeman who came to help also attacked



  • SI Mohit was giving a party to his friends of Delhi Police in the bar
  • During a dance in the bar, two youths got into an argument after a fight
  • Another policeman who came to save the friend was also seriously injured

The Sub-Inspector (SI) of Sushant Lok Police Station found it costly to throw a party to his Delhi Police friends at the DLF Sector-29 bar. During the dance here, he got into an argument with 2 youths. When everyone left after the bar was closed, both the accused followed the sub-inspector for 10 kilometers and went to Medanta Hospital and beat up the SI fiercely. During this, the SI of DLF Sector-29 police station, who came there for help, was also crushed by the accused by the car and escaped. After this, both the policemen reached the hospital. On the complaint, the police registered a case and arrested both the accused. Both have recently passed college. The father of one of them is posted in Haryana Police.

The matter was pacified by the bar staff
According to the police, SI Mohit of Sushant Lok police station has given this complaint. The SI says that on Wednesday, he had invited his friends from Delhi Police to Gurgaon for a party. 4 people sat and drank at The Whiskey Bar in Sector-29. Then started dancing. During this, he got into an argument with two youths, then the staff there pacified the matter. But two drunken youths threatened to take a look when the bar was closed. After coming to the parking lot outside the bar, there was an altercation between the two sides, then the police present there separated both the parties and sent them home. It is alleged that the accomplices of Delhi Police went to Delhi in their car. While SI Mohit got into his car and left for the quarter located at Manesar Police Line.

The accused started beating on the road of Medanta Hospital
But both the accused youths started chasing the SI with their Desire car. When the SI saw this, he drove the car on the expressway. Along with this, the SI of his batch living on rent near Medanta Hospital called Sumit and sought help. There was talk between the two that they meet on the road of Medanta Hospital. Sumit is posted at DLF Sector-29 police station and was at his home at the time of the incident. When he reached the road of Medanta Hospital with an I20 car, he saw that two youths were attacking Mohit with sticks. Seeing his car, the accused started running away.


Both the accused have been arrested. He was released on bail from the police station level itself. The car used in the crime has been confiscated.

Trilokchand, ASI


serious leg injury
Sumit tried to stop in front of the car, but the accused hit him and crushed him, causing serious injury to his leg. After the accused left, Mohit took his friend Sumit to Medanta Hospital and got him admitted there. He also got his first aid done. Later the complaint was given to the police. On which an FIR has been registered in DLF Sector-29 police station on the charges of thrashing, threatening and hitting the car by blocking the way.

Police reached both the youths by car number
Police started investigation of the whole matter. The number of the Desire car of the accused has been traced. After which both the youths have been arrested. They were identified as Krishna, a resident of Palwal and Shivkumar, a resident of Delhi. Both have recently passed college. One has studied B.Sc and the other has studied B.Tech.

Father of an accused is posted in Haryana Police
Krishna’s father is posted in Haryana Police. Earlier he was in Gurgaon, now his posting is in Panipat. Krishna’s younger brother is studying MBBS from abroad and now he is also preparing to go abroad for a job in a month or two.

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