July 30, 2021


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America: Death Valley is blazing like a shoal, mercury crosses 54 °C, do not break the record of highest heat on earth


On the one hand, the heat dome has caused havoc in Canada, while on the other hand, America Death Valley It also seems to live up to its name. In this desert valley of California, the temperature is rising fast towards breaking all its records. On Friday, the mercury crossed 130 degrees Fahrenheit i.e. 54.4 degrees Celsius here.

on the verge of breaking the record
This in itself is going to pose a threat to life, it is only 4 degrees behind the record for the highest temperature ever. Earlier on June 9, 1913, the temperature here was 134 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the highest temperature ever recorded anywhere on Earth. It is a matter of concern that the threat of heatwave is not over on the west coast and the possibility of breaking this record in the coming days is beginning to deepen.

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There are still ‘fireballs’
Forest fires are still blazing in this entire area. According to the report of DailyMail, the temperature on the west coast can go up to 117 degrees on weekends. Last month was the hottest month ever recorded in North America. Between June 26 and July 1, heatwaves killed 116 in Oregon and 78 in Washington when temperatures exceeded 95 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, the mercury reached 115 in the Pacific North-West and British Columbia.

That’s why this valley is so hot
Death Valley is a deep and narrow valley 300 meters below sea level. Where there are no names of trees and plants. Humans do not live here, but adventure enthusiasts keep coming for climbing and trekking. This valley remains hot because its surface is made of red colored rock and some soil.

This surface sends heat back, but it cannot escape from the valley. The effect of this is that the air in the valley becomes extremely hot. The warm air here is surrounded by steep mountain ranges, which trap the heat in the depths of the valley.


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America's Death Valley (Patrick T Fallon/ AFP)

America’s Death Valley (Patrick T Fallon/ AFP)