July 30, 2021


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When Rahul Dravid got angry, Suresh Raina scolded him in his first tour itself

When Rahul Dravid got angry, Suresh Raina scolded him in his first tour itself

New Delhi
Many times such occasions come that even a person of calm nature is unable to control himself and loses his temper. Suresh Raina had to face a similar situation once. When Rahul Dravid reprimanded him fiercely.

Raina disclosed this while talking to a private news channel. Actually, it is from 2005. When Suresh Raina was selected for the first time in Team India. Then Rahul Dravid was commanding the team that went on the tour of Sri Lanka.

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Raina remembers that story, ‘I wore a T-shirt which had a logo. Then Rahul bhai said, you have to change it immediately. Do you even know what is written in it? I apologized to him and immediately went to change the T-shirt. That scolding made me realize how much responsibility comes along when you play for the country.

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Praising Dravid, popularly known as Mr. Trustworthy, Raina says, ‚ÄúThat day I came to know that Rahul bhai is a great man and a captain with disciplined character. It feels good when you travel with such people. From that eventuality, you need to realize how big a deal it is when you represent the country.’

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Raina also mentioned the story of ragging that happened to him. He says that there were many fun-loving cricketers like Yuvraj Singh in that team, who used to pull the legs of new players. This was the way of welcoming into the dressing room of Team India. Raina says, ‘Yuvi pa asked me who is your favorite cricketer? At that time there were big names like Rahul Bhai, Sachin Paaji, Viru Bhai and Anil Bhai in the team. I remained unanswered.’