July 31, 2021


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Party commander is not being found at home, Congress has raised an army of presidents in Europe



  • Rahul Gandhi had left the post after seeing the face of defeat in the Lok Sabha elections
  • Since then till today Congress has not had any full time president.
  • The party is just running the work by making Sonia Gandhi interim president
  • Appointed President in Europe, Sam Pitroda is the head of the Overseas Congress

New Delhi
Congress may not be getting any leader to lead within the country, appointments are being made abroad. The party has appointed its presidents in many countries of Europe. The aim is to spread the ideology of Congress on foreign soil. The Congress has not had a full-time president since Rahul Gandhi stepped down two years ago. Sonia Gandhi has currently taken the command of the party in her hands.

Technocrat Sam Pitroda is responsible for the Overseas Congress. He announced the new appointments this week. Congress has a presence in 23 European countries, of which the UK is strongest. An overseas Congress leader said most of the appointments were from business, professional or intellectual sectors.

Somewhere a scientist, somewhere a scientist was made the president
The party has appointed Garrisobar Singh Gill, owner of a beer brand, as the president of the ‘Indian Overseas Congress’ (IOC) in Norway. According to Chakra Beer’s website, their beer launched in 2006 is the “first Punjabi brand” in the international market. Gill told The Indian Express that his father was the founder of the IOC in Europe and lived in Congress for the rest of his life. Congress has chosen 35-year-old scientist Komal Kumar for Finland. She works in the field of blood cancer. Komal, who hails from Mysore, had emailed Pitroda expressing her desire to join the Congress.

Congress is considering this new plan

Apart from this, Congress has appointed Dilbagh Channa in Italy, Joy Kochattu in Switzerland, Sonia Heldstad in Swoon, Sunil Kora in Austria, Sukhivan Preet Singh in Belgium, Harpinder Singh Ghag in Holland and Amarjit Singh in Poland.

Who will handle the Congress within the country?
Congress may have found faces for leadership abroad, it does not have any name in the country yet. Rahul has repeatedly refused, while most of the party leaders want to keep the reins in the hands of the Gandhi family. The election for the post of President has been postponed time and again. Elections have been postponed thrice a year citing the Covid-19 pandemic as the reason. At present, Sonia Gandhi is taking over as the interim president.


Rahul Gandhi had left the post after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.