July 31, 2021


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Unnao CDO Divyanshu Patel: IAS Divyanshu Patel, accused of beating journalist, not named in FIR, talks of sweet feeding agreement


In Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh, CDO Divyanshu Patel had thrashed a TV journalist during the block chief election. Along with this, the video of the CDO breaking the journalist’s phone was captured in the camera. Despite this, an FIR has been registered against unknown persons on the complaint of journalist Krishna Tiwari. The name of the CDO is not mentioned in the Tahrir given by the journalist. It has been told that an agreement has been reached between Divyanshu Patel, posted as Chief Development Officer (CDO) in Unnao and television reporter Krishna Tiwari. For this reason, the name of the CDO has not been given by the journalist in the Tahrir.

A day earlier, Tiwari, a victim journalist, had alleged that officials were helping BDC members in kidnappings to prevent them from voting. Tiwari had also filmed the incident. The video of this attack is being shared on social media. The attitude of the CDO is being widely condemned. Meanwhile, Unnao District Magistrate Ravindra Kumar told the media that we have spoken to all the journalists. We have received a written complaint about the journalist who was attacked. I can assure you that appropriate action will be taken in the matter.

CDO did not comment
Senior officials in Lucknow said that the District Magistrate has been asked to submit his report on Saturday’s incident to the government, after which action will be taken. An official said, “In any case, the video clip of the incident says it all. An officer has no job to kill a journalist. But we will also wait for the report and the statement of the officer. Meanwhile, accused officer Divyanshu Patel is yet to comment on the incident.

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CDO’s name not in journalist’s complaint

In the Tahrir given to the police on behalf of the victim journalist Krishna Tiwari, it has been said that he has been attacked by unknown people. The journalist has said in the complaint that he was attacked by unidentified armed men in a Breeza car. CDO Divyanshu Patel is not named anywhere in the complaint of the victim journalist.


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Journalist-CDO reconciliation
It is being told that a settlement has been reached between the victim journalist Krishna Tiwari and CDO Divyanshu Patel. It has been told that after the CDO expressed regret about the incident, the name has not been given in the Tahrir. Meanwhile, the journalist and the CDO have talked about eradicating the grievances by feeding each other sweets.

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