July 30, 2021


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Madhubani News: Dead body of a loving couple found floating in a puddle, the girl was married after four days

Madhubani News: Dead body of a loving couple found floating in a puddle, the girl was married after four days

The body of a loving couple has been recovered from a puddle in Madhubani district of Bihar. The matter is of Ruchaul village of Pandaul police station area. Pandaul police station president Shankar Sharan Das said that the deceased have been identified as Akshay Paswan (20), son of Ramvriksha Paswan, resident of Ruchaul village, and Hema Kumari (19), daughter of Ramdev Paswan. It is being told that the girl was married four days later, before that she allegedly committed suicide along with her lover.

The family refused to marry, so the loving couple committed suicide
Madhubani SP Satya Prakash said they were missing since Friday but none of their family members had informed the police. He said that there were no external injury marks on the body. From this, in the initial investigation, it seems that both of them have committed suicide as their family members had denied their marriage.

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Step taken after the girl’s marriage was fixed at another place
Pandaul SHO Shankar Kumar said that Hema’s family members had fixed her marriage with another boy. Meanwhile, on Sunday, the dead body of the loving couple was found floating on Jham Das Pokhar in the village. The SHO said that the relatives of the deceased had requested not to conduct the post-mortem, after which the bodies were handed over to them.


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The bodies of both were found from Jhamdas Pokhar
The relatives of the deceased have told in their application that there was a love affair going on between Akshay and Hema. Both had gone somewhere two days ago without informing the people of their respective homes. The relatives searched for them but they were not found. On Sunday, the bodies of both were seen by the villagers floating in Jhamdas Pokhar.