July 30, 2021


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Zomato IPO: You can apply 3-4 days before IPO opens, know about this platform

Zomato IPO: You can apply 3-4 days before IPO opens, know about this platform

New Delhi
There is a booming environment in the stock market and in such a situation many companies are busy getting themselves listed in the stock market. The process of listing of multiple investor companies (IPO) want to buy its shares. If you also belong to any company IPO (IPO) and you are wondering how it can happen, then we are giving you detailed information about it today.

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Apply before IPO
Country’s leading digital brokerage platform paytm money has introduced a platform to apply for an IPO before it opens today. The traditional method of applying for IPO is time based and nowadays users are able to apply for any IPO within a time period of three days. A large proportion of the investing youth is not actively trading and is generally busy with their business during the working hours of the market. Because of this many people miss out on applying for an IPO. The Pre IPO Open Application feature has been specially designed keeping in mind such investors.

Apply anytime
The Pre-Open IPO Application feature allows you to apply for an IPO 24X7. After the order is placed by the investors Paytm (PayTm) will be secured in Money’s system and the order will be sent directly to the exchange once the IPO is opened. During this entire process, the user will continue to get notifications about every step. Zomato will be the first IPO to launch with this feature on Paytm Money and thousands of applicants have placed their orders on the platform during the last two days.

what will be the benefit
Market participants also face server or network interruptions for a very short period of time due to the high demand for popular IPOs. With PayTm gaining momentum, it is possible that the process of pre-open IPO applications will not be restricted to a specific time period and thereby reduce the pressure on exchanges and payment gateways during a specific time. .

many other features too
Paytm Money has also launched other advanced features to give better IPO application experience to its users. Paytm Money users can now complete IPO applications with a single click, apply through shareholder category, and live track the number of IPO subscriptions.

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