July 29, 2021


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Taliban now shields common people in Ghazni city, Afghanistan’s army in trouble, Indians in trouble

Taliban now shields common people in Ghazni city, Afghanistan's army in trouble, Indians in trouble

Afghanistan The Taliban is advancing rapidly. Taliban fighters have captured civilian homes in the city of Ghazni and are taking a stand against the security forces from here. According to the report of Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper, officials have told on Monday that the situation is getting serious here.

Earlier there were reports that the Taliban, which claims control of 85% of the country, has also stepped up its operations in Kandahar, raising the possibility of deepening its war with the Afghan army.

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According to Ghazni’s provincial council member Hassan Rezai, the Taliban are taking shelter in civilian homes and attacking Afghan security forces from there. Because of this it is becoming challenging to take action against him. At the same time, fighting is going on in Kandahar from both the sides. Ghazni comes on the main road between Kaabil and Kandahar. At the same time, the Taliban have occupied the Afghan borders with Iran, Turkmenistan, China, Tajikistan and Pakistan.

Afghanistan: The threat of war with Taliban increased, India closed Kandahar consulate for the time being, called back staff
recalled staff
In view of the situation, India has had to withdraw about 50 diplomats and security personnel from Kandahar due to the deteriorating security situation. According to reports, at least 50 diplomats and security personnel of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police have been brought back to Delhi by sending a special flight of the Indian Air Force. However, this claim has not been officially confirmed.

Taliban fighting a war in Afghanistan with Lashkar and Jaish? India’s tension will increase in Jammu and Kashmir
Got with Pak?
At present, the Indian Embassy in Kabul and the Consulate at Mazar-i-Sharif in Balkh province are open. According to officials, these officers will be sent back when the situation improves. Some people may even be sent to the Kabul embassy. With the US military leaving the country, there have also been reports that the Taliban is fighting with Pakistan-backed terrorist organizations. In such a situation, the concern for India increases further.