July 30, 2021


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Corona’s third wave has knocked on 4th July, claims the country’s top scientist, if negligence will catch the speed

Corona's third wave has knocked on 4th July, claims the country's top scientist, if negligence will catch the speed

in what country third wave of corona Knocked out? The city’s top scientist has answered ‘yes’ to this. He has claimed that it is estimated that the third wave has arrived on July 4. eminent physicist Dr. Vipin Srivastava For the last 15 months, we have been analyzing infection data and death rate.

Srivastava, who was the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Hyderabad University, said that since July 4, new cases and deaths of corona infection indicate that the third wave has arrived in the country. This trend is similar to the first week of February 2021. Then the second wave of Corona had knocked in the country. It reached its peak in April.

Negligence will be heavy
Srivastava cautioned that if people corona protocol Otherwise, the third wave may pick up speed. To keep the third wave under control, people will have to follow protocols like social distancing, sanitization, wearing masks and vaccinations. Srivastava has used our partner Times of India’s uploaded data for the last 461 days to work out the wave pattern.

Scientifically prepared trend
death from corona Based on analysis of 461 days of data, Dr. Srivastava has prepared three metrics. One of these metrics indicates that the third wave of corona has arrived on July 4. He named this metric the ‘Daily Death Load (DDL)’ of Kovid-19. He has calculated DDL every 24 hours.

What is the basis of prediction?
Srivastava took the ratio of deaths from corona in 24 hours and new active cases in the same period to calculate the metrics of increase/decrease in COVID. This ratio remains negative when the number of people recovering is more than new cases. Favorable condition occurs when the daily death load is low or negative.

The government has also been giving warnings
This study has come to the fore at a time when the government is constantly appealing to the people to keep the Kovid Appropriate Behavior (Corona-approved behaviour). He has expressed concern over the crowd gathering at tourist places and hill stations in recent times. The Union Health Ministry has been saying that people need to be careful now. Corona is not over. However, the way crowds are gathering at markets and hill stations, it seems that people are assuming that the corona is over. If people do not change this attitude, then the relaxation given in the restrictions can be withdrawn.