July 30, 2021


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CM Yogi agitated after a complaint came 3 times in the public court, said – do not be careless in solving the problem



  • CM Yogi listened to the problems of the people in the public court at Gorakhnath temple on the second day of his visit to Gorakhpur.
  • In the Janata Darbar, about 300 complainants from different districts including Gorakhpur arrived with complaints.
  • CM Yogi went to all the complainants one by one and listened to the problem and instructed the officials.

On the second day of his visit to Gorakhpur, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath listened to the problems of the people at the Janta Darbar at the Gorakhnath temple on Wednesday. During this, about 300 complainants from different districts including Gorakhpur reached the Janata Darbar. Yogi Adityanath went to all the complainants one by one and after listening to their problems, instructed the officials to solve the problems at the earliest. On Wednesday, when Chief Minister Yogi was listening to the complaints of the people in the Janata Darbar, then a complainant complained to him that he has been coming for the last two times, this is the third time. On this, the Chief Minister expressed his displeasure with the officials present on the spot. CM Yogi said that this should not happen again in future. Give a permanent solution at the level where the problem goes.

In the Janata Darbar, the matter of forcible conversion of a woman by deceitfully marrying her came in front of the Chief Minister. The woman, a resident of Ramgarhtal area, told Yogi that three years ago, a person named Amirul Haq, who lived at Nakhas in Kotwali area, had fraudulently married her in court. Then now he wants to forcefully convert the religion. The Chief Minister directed the officials to take immediate action.

CM came to the fore
Apart from this, most of the cases related to land disputes and police reached Saudi Arabia, including the return of the dead person’s body back to the homeland, due to non-reporting of correct reports on the part of the authorities. The CM also took seriously the cases of serious diseases not being treated due to paucity of money. There were about half a dozen such cases in the Janata Darbar, whose relatives are suffering from some serious disease, but due to lack of money, they could not be treated. In such cases, the Chief Minister has asked the complainants to get the medical treatment prepared from the hospital.


In Gorakhpur, CM Yogi enumerated the merits of Nath sect, said – will get an impression from country to abroad

‘The treatment of any poor will not stop due to lack of money’
CM Yogi said that lack of money will not stop the treatment of any poor. All such poor will be treated by the government. According to his routine, Chief Minister Yogi first attended the court of Adi Guru Gorakshanath of Nathpanth in the morning and then went to the tomb of his Guru Brahmalin Mahant Avedyanath and took his blessings. After visiting the temple premises, he went to the Gaushala as usual and spent about half an hour among the cows. He also fed jaggery to them.

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