July 31, 2021


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Population Control: Tharoor told why population control would be dangerous for India, said- BJP aims to target a ‘specific community’

Population Control: Tharoor told why population control would be dangerous for India, said- BJP aims to target a 'specific community'


  • Tharoor finds communal angle in the discussions on population control, says BJP’s aim to target a particular community
  • Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said in an interview to Bhasha that India does not need population control.
  • Tharoor said that most of the states in the country have achieved the replacement level of fertility i.e. the population is stable.
  • Tharoor said that BJP’s political intention behind raising this issue, wants to target a particular community.

New Delhi
Against the backdrop of population control measures being taken in Uttar Pradesh and some other BJP-ruled states, senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Saturday said it was being done for political purposes. He alleged that the BJP’s intention behind raising the issue was political and aimed at targeting a “specific community”.

The former Union Minister also said that the debate on population is completely unnecessary and most Indian states have achieved the replacement level of fertility. Actually, the replacement level of reproduction occurs when the next generation replaces the generation immediately before it, that is, the population remains stable.

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Congress Lok Sabha MP Tharoor said in an interview to Bhasha that a major challenge for India in the next 20 years would be that it would have to be prepared to face the situation of having a large elderly population.

He alleged that the BJP was raising the issue with a well-planned motive to target a “specific community”. According to Tharoor, “It is no coincidence that there is talk of population reduction in Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Lakshadweep, where everyone knows where their intention is.”

To a question on the emphasis on population control in Uttar Pradesh and Assam, Tharoor said, “Hindutva elements in our political system have not studied the issue of population. Their motive is purely political and communal.


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Tharoor made this remark at a time when a draft Population Control Bill has been put forward in Uttar Pradesh recently, which provides that those who have more than two children will be denied the benefits of government schemes and the two-child policy will be implemented. Those who follow will be given benefits.

Some BJP MPs are preparing to introduce a private bill on population control in the monsoon session of Parliament.

When asked about the issues to be raised by the Congress and the opposition in the monsoon session, Tharoor said that this government has failed so much, “we have many issues to raise in public interest”.


Gehlot government minister Shanti Dhariwal supported the population control law

He said, ‘There are many such issues due to the tragic mismanagement of Kovid, especially the flawed vaccination policy, failure to address the farmers’ movement, the slowdown in the economy, the decline in the GDP growth rate.’

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Tharoor referred to the hike in the prices of petrol and diesel and other food items and said there were issues like unemployment and the Rafale case probe in France and the situation along the India-China border and the situation in Afghanistan. He said that Parliament is for discussion and if discussion is allowed then creating disturbance would be unnecessary.