July 31, 2021


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Schools Reopening: Amidst the fear of third wave, ICMR suggested to open schools, know what is the situation in which state now, what is the plan

Schools Reopening: Amidst the fear of third wave, ICMR suggested to open schools, know what is the situation in which state now, what is the plan

New Delhi
In the midst of the Corona epidemic, the question that must have been flashing the most in the minds of millions of people is about the opening of children’s schools. When will children’s schools finally open and will it be safe to open them in the coming times amid fears of a third wave? Such questions are natural to arise. In some states, schools have been opened for children above 9th standard, while in some states its preparation is going on. But primary level schools are not open yet. Meanwhile, the Indian Council of Medical Research on Tuesday made a very important suggestion regarding the opening of schools. What is this suggestion and what is the condition of which state regarding the opening of schools, how are the preparations, let us understand.

First of all, let us talk about the important suggestion of ICMR which has been given regarding schools. So far in the Corona epidemic, governments have been giving preference to open schools for older children, but have avoided opening schools for younger children, ie from nursery to 5th or 8th. But the opinion of ICMR is just opposite. ICMR has said that with some precaution, primary schools can be opened first and then secondary schools should be opened. However, this decision will be taken at the district and state level and will depend on many factors.

Will it be safe to open schools for young children?
The ICMR chief also explained why children’s schools should be opened earlier, what is the scientific basis behind his suggestion. Doctor Bhargava told that small children handle the virus easily. They have fewer receptors in their lungs where the virus goes. It has been seen in the sero survey that children between 6 and 9 years old showed almost the same antibodies as adults. Dr. Bhargava said that primary schools were not closed in many countries of Europe. Schools were not closed in any wave of Corona. So first primary schools can be opened. However, together he also said that schools should be opened only if all the support staff from teachers are fully vaccinated.

AIIMS Director Guleria has also given suggestion to open school
AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria had advocated opening of schools only last month. He had said that children are not at high risk of corona, so schools can be opened. Even a day earlier, he said that a plan can be made to open schools in districts with an infection rate of less than 5 percent.

These things are raising hope
The results of the fourth sero survey were also released on Tuesday itself. According to the survey conducted in 70 districts across the country, antibodies against corona were found in more than two-thirds of the population. Antibodies were found in 57.2% of children aged 6 to 9 years, while antibodies against corona were found in 61.6% of children aged 10 to 17 years. This means that a large number of children have been infected with corona and have also been cured and there is immunity against it in their body. This thing is hopeful.

Risk of third wave too, so caution is necessary
The second wave of corona is slowing down in the country, but the fear of the third wave is also haunting. Experts have even said that the third wave of corona will definitely come, but nothing can be said with certainty about its timing. Higher sero-prevalence is definitely a good sign, but in view of the way new variants of the virus are catching people who have been cured and those who have been vaccinated, the decision to open schools should be made only after a lot of precaution and deliberation. needed. This is the reason why states are reluctant to open primary and junior schools.

States where schools have opened
Let us see what is the plan of the states across the country regarding the opening of schools. Some states have even opened schools for older children.

Schools from 8th to 12th have been opened in rural areas of Maharashtra from July 15
Schools from 9th to 12th have been opened in Haryana from 16th July, preparations are on to open schools from 6th to 8th from 23rd July.
Schools have opened for 12th class students from July 15 in Gujarat.
Schools were opened for 11th and 12th students in Bihar from 12th July.
Schools have been opened in Himachal for children from class 9th to 12th from July 19.

State where preparations are on to open schools
There are many states where a decision has been taken to open schools from this month or next month.

Schools will open for children from 11th to 12th from July 26 in MP
Schools from class 1st to 12th will be opened in Andhra Pradesh from August 16
Schools are going to open in a phased manner from August 16 in Telangana, first of all schools will open for children above 8th standard.
Schools will open in Odisha for students from class 10th to 12th from July 26

States still confused about opening schools
There are many states which have not been able to take any decision on opening schools. These states include states like Delhi, UP, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Assam, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh. In UP, from July 1, schools have been opened only for teachers and staff, children are still doing online classes at home.