July 31, 2021


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Narendra Modi News: All-party meeting lasted for 3 hours, Modi said – To fight Corona, one has to rise above party politics

Narendra Modi News: All-party meeting lasted for 3 hours, Modi said - To fight Corona, one has to rise above party politics


  • PM Modi’s all-party meeting on Corona
  • Said- To fight this challenge, one has to rise above party politics

New Delhi
Called on covid management all party meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon the Center and the states to work together as a team and rise above politics to tackle the pandemic. The PM said that the fight against Kovid is a difficult challenge and all parties should rise above party politics and fight it together. In the meeting that lasted for about three hours, the Health Secretary gave a presentation on vaccination and informed the opposition parties about the current situation. Some opposition parties, including the Congress, did not participate in this meeting.

India in better position but…
Sources said that in the meeting called by the central government, Modi said that India is in a better position than many other countries in proportion to the population affected by the disease, but underlining the increasing cases of infection in some countries like Britain, he cautioned. Emphasis on the need to live. Modi said vaccines from some more companies are likely to be available in the coming days and spoke about the government’s emphasis on vaccination.

Describing the progress of vaccination in the meeting, the PM said that it took 85 days for the first 10 crore doses to be administered while the last 10 crore doses took only 24 days. He also expressed concern that even after 6 months, many health workers are yet to get vaccinated. The PM also emphasized on running the vaccination program at the district level in a planned manner.

Health Secretary gave a presentation
The Health Secretary informed in his presentation that during the entire corona epidemic PM Modi He has held 20 meetings with the Chief Ministers of the states, while the Health Minister has held 29 meetings. The Health Secretary said that only 8 states have more than 10-10 thousand active cases, while only five states have more than 10 percent positivity rate. It also told how India has the highest number of vaccines in the world.

In the meeting, former PM HD Deve Gowda praised the efforts of the PM. Leaders of all parties shared their experiences in the meeting. In the meeting, the BJD demanded that 90 percent of the vaccination be given under the control of the state governments. At the same time, many parties urged to take initiative to get the vaccine made in India at the global level as soon as possible. Maharashtra and Bengal raised the issue of vaccine shortage.

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Many parties boycotted the meeting
There was also a shadow of controversy over this meeting called on the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Leaders of some opposition parties, including those from the Congress, boycotted the meeting. Apart from Congress, RJD, Left and Akali Dal boycotted the meeting. These parties said that there was no point in holding such a meeting outside Parliament when Parliament was in session. Although earlier PM Modi was going to give a presentation in this meeting, but after seeing the stand of the opposition members, the Health Secretary did so.
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