July 31, 2021


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Doctor sister-in-law had said impotent… murdered by entering the clinic, then surrendered in the police station

Doctor sister-in-law had said impotent... murdered by entering the clinic, then surrendered in the police station


  • After killing the brother-in-law surrendered in the police station
  • There was chaos in the clinic
  • Police are looking for another accused

Abhishek Kumar Jha, Varanasi
In Varanasi, former Congress MLA’s son brutally killed his sister-in-law by entering a clinic with a hammer and scissors for being called impotent. Not only this, after killing himself, he surrendered himself by going to the local police station.

Murder by entering the clinic in broad daylight
Dr. Sapna Dutta, daughter-in-law of former Congress MLA of Varanasi city Dr. Rajinikanth Dutta, used to run a diagnostic center in Chandrika Nagar under Sigra police station. Even on Wednesday morning, she was present at her center as usual. The examination of patients was going on at the center as usual, when his brother-in-law Anil Dutta came to his cabin, since Anil Dutta was the brother-in-law of the deceased, the guards did not stop him. Suddenly reaching the cabin, he hit the doctor Sapna on the head with a hammer. Doctor Sapna got stuck there due to the hammer. The sudden attack caused panic in the clinic. Meanwhile, someone gave information about this incident on 112. After carrying out the incident, the attacker Anil Dutta confessed to the crime after reaching Sigra police station.

Search continues for second accused
Regarding this incident, Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesh told that the accused attacker has confessed his crime. He has told in his statement to the police that his sister-in-law, the deceased Sapna Dutta, had called him and his brother impotent. He was hurt by this and he had killed himself with the hammer and the scissors kept on the table there. The police commissioner said that on the basis of this CCTV footage, the involvement of servant Roshan Chaudhary is also visible in this murder. He is absconding since the incident. The second accused Roshan Chaudhary will be arrested soon.
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Who is Dr Sapna Dutta
Dr. Sapna Dutta was the daughter-in-law of Dr. Rajinikanth Dutta, a former Congress MLA from Varanasi City South. Dr Rajinikanth was defeated by Shyamdev Roy Chowdhury of BJP in 1989 elections.