July 31, 2021


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This giant IT company started calling employees to office

This giant IT company started calling employees to office


  • Infosys has sent a memo to its employees last week.
  • In this they have been told that they can start working in the office.
  • The company believes that the situation in the country has improved due to the increase in vaccination.

New Delhi
Veteran IT company Infosys has started calling its employees to office. The company last week told its employees that they can start working in the office. This is a sign of resumption of work in the offices of IT companies. However, Infosys has not asked all employees to return to the office. This shows that the company is being careful in resuming work in the office.

Infosys has said in the memo sent to the employees that vaccinations in the countryVaccinationWith the increase in speed, the situation is getting better in terms of security. Reuters had sought a response from Infosys in this regard, but it did not respond. However, the company believes that it has been working under an emergency arrangement for several months. Now the situation is improving in the country.

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“We have received requests from some of our segments to allow team members to work from the Infosys campus. In addition, some of our employees want to come and work voluntarily,” the company said. Last week, an Infosys executive said that about 99 per cent of the company’s staff were working from home.

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in India third wave of corona (Third wave of corona) is expected to start. Earlier in May this year second wave of corona caused a lot of destruction in the country. However, new cases of infection have remained around 10 percent against the record high of May. On Tuesday, the lowest new cases of infection were reported in four months.

Health experts have advised the state governments and people corona They have been asked not to be careless about the preventive measures. He says that the third wave of Corona is sure to come. This is the reason why not all companies are calling employees to office right now. Companies in many sectors, including airlines and manufacturing, are calling only a few employees to office.


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