July 31, 2021


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Faridabad Crime News: Photo of former national player tampered with BJP leaders, police filed report



  • The victim is also the first woman engineer and activist of Mewat society
  • His father has recently got a state level post in Haryana BJP.
  • On July 17, met the party’s state president and other leaders.

A case of tampering of photographs taken with senior BJP leaders of Palwal resident and the first woman engineer of Mewat society and former national player of high jump has come to the fore and viral on social media by making obscene videos. His father has recently got a state level post in Haryana BJP. In the same connection, she met the party’s state president Omprakash Dhankhar, Karni Sena president Surajpal Ammu and BJP Yuva Morcha leader Gaurav Gautam in Gurgaon on July 17 to express gratitude. The photo taken during that time has been tampered with. The Camp Police Station of Palwal has registered a report against more than 50 people in this case. Of these, 48 are named accused. the police has started to investigate. After that the arrest will be made.

porn video uploaded to facebook
It is alleged that many people uploaded on Facebook by making obscene videos through editing. Attempts were made to spoil the social atmosphere by making obscene comments on him. The image of the woman was maligned and she was also threatened with dire consequences. The victim woman is Mewat’s first engineer woman and has been honored on social platforms for promoting girls’ education. She makes and shares motivational videos to make Mewat society aware. He has more than 15 thousand followers on Facebook. His family is said to be a supporter of BJP.


Investigation has been started in this matter. Most of the videos have been removed. Action will also be taken against those who circulate them. Along with this, the search has been started for the named accused and those who commented on them. Evidence is being collected.

Anil Kumar, DSP Headquarters


Father BJP activist and office bearer
DSP Headquarters Anil Kumar said that the woman has said in her complaint to the police that her father is an active worker and office-bearer of BJP. Father has got a state level post in the party. On July 17, she along with her husband, mother, brother and father had gone to Gurgaon to express their gratitude to the BJP leaders on her appointment. Get photographed there with BJP state president and former minister Omprakash Dhankhar, BJP Yuva Morcha office-bearer Gaurav Gautam and Karni Sena president Surajpal Ammu. Surajpal Ammu uploaded these photos on his Facebook ID. From there the photo was taken out and edited and the pornographic video was uploaded.


careful! Such online fraud in the name of corona vaccine

The photo of July 17 was tampered with
The FIR states that she lives in Omaxe City, Palwal and belongs to a respectable family. He has family ties with Surajpal Ammu. She calls him brother. Some people have tried to hurt the family and their honor by tampering with their photos. These photos were posted among his acquaintances and various other people. Dirty comments were made on this. This hurts him and his family. The accused have tampered with the photo of July 17 as part of the conspiracy. Along with this, some old photos have also been taken from his Facebook.

crime news photo