July 31, 2021


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BS Yediyurappa: Yediyurappa, who was demonstrating power till 1 day ago, broke his silence, will step down from the post of Karnataka CM? Know what was given



  • Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa completing his two-year term on July 26
  • Yeddyurappa may be removed a day before on July 25
  • BS Yediyurappa breaks silence on his removal
  • Yediyurappa said do not give support, neither make statements in support nor protest

The drama over the chief minister’s post in Karnataka may soon unveil. Yediyurappa, who is constantly showing strength, has himself made such a statement on Thursday that it is clear that he is now being removed from the post of CM. Yeddyurappa, who remained silent on the issue, said he would abide by the decision of the BJP central leadership. He also said that no one should protest or make statements in his support.

Yediyurappa said, ‘There is a program on July 26 to mark the completion of two years of our government. After this whatever decision BJP President JP Nadda takes, I will abide by it. It is my duty to bring BJP back to power. I urge party workers and saints to cooperate.

‘I get a chance for 75 years in the party, I am 78’
78-year-old BS Yediyurappa belongs to the Lingayat community. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah (Home Minister) and our national president JP Nadda have special affection and trust for me. You know that no position is given to those people who are above 75 years of age but appreciating my work they gave me a chance even after crossing the age of 78 years.

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‘Welcome to the decision of the central leadership’
The Karnataka CM said that he would start his work from July 26 on the basis of whatever instructions the central leader would give him on July 25. “We have a special program on July 26 to mark the completion of two years of our government. After joining the program, I will follow the instructions of the National President.

Earlier speculations were dismissed
Yeddyurappa’s visit to Delhi last week had raised questions as to whether the party was working on a plan to remove him. In Delhi, he had met the national leadership. However, on his return from the national capital, Yediyurappa dismissed speculation that he was being removed and said the central leadership had asked him to continue.

Subramanian Swamy cautions BJP leadership against Yeddyurappa’s removal

Yediyurappa said don’t protest
Yeddyurappa, who has been showing strength till Wednesday, said on Thursday that it was his duty to strengthen the party and bring it to power. He asked the party workers not to be under any illusions and to cooperate with them. He said, ‘No one should make any statement in my favor or take part in any kind of demonstration. This is not fair, I appeal for cooperation without getting involved in such things.

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