July 31, 2021


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Is the Eid journey ‘homebound’ or ‘hospitalized’?

This year’s Eid of Sacrifice has come at a time of great crisis. The festival is being held at a time when the Delta and Delta Plus virus strains of the epidemic Kovid-19 are spreading across the country. Different districts are under its control.

For the last ten to twelve days, according to the official data, the rate of infection is ten to twelve thousand per day. There are more than two hundred deaths every day. In the last few days, a statistic has come out that Bangladesh is at the top in Asia and fourth in the world in the daily detection of Delta and Delta Plus type of Covid-19.

Sadly, in the midst of so many identities and death processions, there is no hesitation among Bengalis in celebrating Eid. The lockdown program has been temporarily suspended by the government to reduce the incidence of delta and delta plus infections in order to facilitate the sale and purchase of sacrificial animals. What is wonderful at the moment is frustrating.

With the increase in the rate of delta infection in this journey, the lockdown administration given by the government was quite strict. The people were also forced to abide by various restrictions. Travel and crowds were limited. But public health experts, doctors and consultants are surprised as well as embarrassed by the sudden suspension of the lockdown program ahead of Eid al-Adha. Some specialist doctors have spoken out in the media in protest. He also strongly commented that the decision to lift the lockdown was not scientific at all.

Health and Hope Specialized Hospital Director and Public Health Specialist. Lelin Chowdhury has already expressed concern, “People are going home now to celebrate Eid, they will go to the hospital after Eid.” He added: “One of the areas we consider to be at high risk for the spread of coronavirus infection is the variety of public transport and public gatherings. These two issues have finally happened at the center of this year’s Eid Yatra. Crowds, overcrowding, overcrowded public transport or other means of transportation have created a very favorable environment for corona transmission in these places. That is why we fear that the rate of coronavirus infection may increase rapidly after Eid, and that increase may exceed the capacity of our hospitals and oxygen. ” For the same reason, the state health minister recently said, “This year’s Eid procession is tantamount to suicide.”

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. The Saudi government has been performing the Hajj for a limited time for the past two years to prevent the spread of Kovid-19. But there the Bengalis are huddled to celebrate the Eid of Korbani, pushing the jam-crowd back home and going to the market to buy different animals for Korbani. In this case, it is safe to say that there is no harm in following the rules of health. So isn’t this Eid pilgrimage going to be a death march? For example, the most talked about Aquarius Fair in India. Where the value of life was grossly neglected.

We have already seen such crises in many countries of the world including India. In India, I have seen thousands of corpses floating in the river infected with the epidemic Kovid-19 and mass burials of hundreds of bodies. We have also seen death marches in the neighboring country as a result of ringing bells, pouring milk in rivers, drinking cow urine and walking on unscientific ways to stop this deadly virus.

A few days ago, people from Europe gathered in the stadium to watch Euro Football-2020. There is no chance to make any excuse thinking that. Because most of them entered the stadium with the vaccine of Kovid-19. In most countries, more than 50 percent of people are vaccinated. And so far maybe 5 percent of people in Bangladesh have not been vaccinated. As far as vaccination activities are concerned, it is not enough. Mass vaccination of Covid-19 has not yet started. They have enjoyed watching the game, we will enjoy celebrating Eid – there is no reason to think so. Because to think so is nothing but extreme nonsense.

It is a matter of great concern that this town is not as densely populated as Europe, but as neighboring India. So the rate of covid infection or transmission can increase rapidly. Then you, me and the state will be helpless. Of course, I would blame Bengali thinking for such a crisis.

Life will always be a festival, but it is not reasonable at all. Sometimes you have to get out of suffering, you have to avoid suffering, otherwise the opposite can happen. Still, I hope that no life will suffer. Protect yourself and others from health risks by following proper hygiene rules. Otherwise, you or someone close to you may have to suffer horrible deaths due to Covid-19 Delta and Delta Plus types.

If Kovid’s Delta and Delta Plus types of infections increase after Eid, there will be a crisis – in hospitals, ICUs, oxygen, doctors and nurses. There may even be a crisis of people engaged in burying the dead. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. However, we are already seeing Jessore, Khulna, Rajshahi and Mymensingh hospitals. There is no place to keep patients, no adequate ICU, no oxygen crisis. Many people are dying in these hospitals every day due to these crises.

The people of Bangladesh are living in a fool’s paradise. And he is in the throes of celebrating Eid in heaven by temporarily suspending the lockdown. Now if these festive people have to go to the hospital after Eid for Delta and Delta Plus transition, it will be a severe crisis for the state. As always, the question remains – how much have we learned from the death procession around us, the cries of losing loved ones?