September 26, 2021


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Why is BJP seeing ‘Mawali’ among farmers? All-round surrounded minister later added tricolor angle


New Delhi
Before becoming Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi She has been debating vigorously on TV. Be it English or Hindi, they have equal hold on both the languages. If he was able to get the post of Minister of State for External Affairs in the Modi government, then perhaps his ‘communication skills’ are the main reason behind this. Then how did he make such light rhetoric about the farmers. He had some other meaning behind calling the protesting farmers ‘Mawali’ or was it his fault of slipping tongue. Whatever be the case, but after his statement, the politics reached its peak. All opposition parties including Congress and AAP are demanding his resignation. Meenakshi has also given clarification in the matter. Come, know about this whole controversy here.

On Thursday, the statement of Union Minister and BJP MP from New Delhi Meenakshi Lekhi created a ruckus. He objected to calling the protesters agitating at different borders of the capital against the three agricultural laws of the Center as farmers. Also said that ‘they are not farmers, they are mawali’. Lekhi said this during a press conference held at the BJP headquarters.

What was the matter after all?
In fact, a group of 200 farmers started the ‘Kisan Sansad’ on Thursday at Jantar Mantar in central Delhi, protesting against the new agricultural laws. During this, a case of alleged ‘misbehaviour’ with a news channel’s journalist came to light.

When a journalist asked Lekhi his question to know the reaction of the BJP in the context of this incident, while addressing the agitators as farmers, in response, he said, ‘Ther you are calling those people farmers … Mawali hai woh. people.’ He further said, ‘Attack on media is a criminal activity. Whatever happened on 26th January was also shameful. That too was criminal activity. Such things were encouraged by the opposition.


The ruling party has been trying from the very beginning to defame the farmers and reduce their peaceful protest. BJP leaders had earlier also tried to defame the farmers with abusive words like ‘terrorists’ and ‘urban naxals’. The BJP leadership is once again adopting such shameful tactics.

CM Amarinder, Chief Minister Punjab on Meenakshi Lekhi’s statement


And what did you say?
Earlier, on another question related to the same episode, Lekhi got furious for calling the protesters farmers. He said, ‘First thing stop calling those people farmers. They are not farmers. They are some ‘conspirators’ who are doing these ‘actions’ in the name of farmers.’ Lekhi said that farmers do not have enough time to come and sit on dharna at Jantar Mantar. Farmer working in his fields. These are the people offered by the arhtiyas who do not want the farmers to get any direct benefit. On the attack on the media, he said that trying to stop any media is against democracy. These are the people who cry for democracy.

Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi told the protesting farmers ‘Mawali’… Politics heated up, demand for his resignation arose

Opposition got issue sitting
The Monsoon session of Parliament has so far only ‘offered’ uproar over the Pegasus phone hacking case including agricultural legislation, farmers’ agitation. Lekhi’s statement has left the opposition sitting on another issue. All the opposition parties seem to be united on this statement. Farmer leaders have also joined in. Everyone has raised the demand for Lekhi’s resignation with one voice. Lekhi has also been asked to apologize in the matter. Farmer leader Sure Raj Singh Bhati called Lekhi the PM’s ‘headed’ minister and said that he can say anything. He condemned the statement. Other opposition parties, including the Congress, also demanded Lekhi’s resignation over this statement.

Senior Congress leader Mukesh Sharma, who was a four-time MLA in Delhi, asked Lekhi to apologize for his statement. He tweeted, ‘Shame! Meenakshi Lekhi ji is not a farmer but a food provider. So apologize or resign…’

Meenakshi Lekhi on Farmers: Called farmers ‘Mawali’, said Meenakshi Lekhi when there was a dispute – misinterpreted my statement, I take it back
Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait expressed regret over the statement of Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi. He said that Lekhi should not make such a statement. Tikait said that the farmers who demonstrated the agricultural laws are not Mawali, such a thing should not be said about the farmer. The farmer is the food provider of the country.

Farmer leader Shiv Kumar Kakka said that such a statement is an insult to 80 crore farmers. If we are mawali then Meenakshi Lekhi ji should stop eating our grown grains. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Meenakshi Lekhi clarified
After creating a ruckus on the whole matter, Lekhi clarified. He said, ‘I was asked a question, what do you have to say about those who insulted the tricolor at the Red Fort on 26 January? What do you have to say about the press person who was assaulted? In response, I said this cannot be the work of farmers, they are mawali.’

Will Lekhi pay the price?
The issue of farmers’ protest over agricultural laws is very sensitive. The government has been taking big steps in this regard. He has consistently favored resolving the issue through dialogue. Union Agriculture Minister has also not appeared aggressive in front of the farmers. He has always taken the side of the government with great ease. Speculations are rife as to whether Meenakshi Lekhi, who recently made a place in Modi’s cabinet, has really made a big ‘mistake’, whether she may have to pay a price for it. However, it is certain that he can be advised to speak very carefully on such sensitive issues going forward.