September 26, 2021


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Zomato Listing: Rs 4.7 crore was invested in Zomato, today it has been 15,000 crores



  • Info Edge first invested in Zomato in 2010
  • He had made an initial investment of Rs 4.7 crore in the company.
  • Today its value has become 1050 times i.e. 15,000 crores.

New Delhi
Info Edge was the first company to invest in food delivery company Zomato. He had made an initial investment of Rs 4.7 crore in Zomato, whose value has increased 1050 times to reach Rs 15,000 crore today. Zomato was listed on the stock market on Friday. It is the first unicorn company in the country to do so. The company’s shares were listed on stock exchanges at a premium of over 50 per cent over its issue price. Later it closed 10 per cent above the opening price.

Info Edge first invested in Zomato in 2010. Prior to the listing, he held about 18.5 per cent stake in the company. The company sold about 2.32 per cent stake in the recently concluded IPO of Zomato. But he still holds 15.23 per cent stake in the company, which is worth Rs 15,000 crore today. Info Edge founder Sanjeev Bikhchandani himself revealed on Twitter how much return his company has received on investment in Zomato. Sharing a graph, he said that this is proof of why India should invest in its startup companies and early VC funds.

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China’s Ant Group holds 16.5 per cent stake in Zomato and today its investment is worth Rs 16,268 crore. The Chinese company has been reducing its stake in Zomato since last year. Zomato’s market cap had crossed Rs 1 lakh crore on the first day of listing. US-based ride hailing firm Uber sold its food delivery business to Zomato last year. It has a 9 per cent stake in Zomato, which is valued at Rs 9,000 crore.

Info Edge Investing

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New York-based investment company Tiger Global has also got a good return on its investment in Zomato. The company had invested Rs 1,885 crore in Zomato last year, which is worth Rs 5,000 crore today. The company had also invested Rs 162 crore in Zomato as an anchor placement before the IPO. Similarly, New York-based hedge fund Kora also invested in Zomato last year. He holds about 5 per cent stake in the company, which is valued at Rs 4900 crore today. In November 2013, Sequoia Capital India had invested 300 crores in Zomato, which is today valued at Rs 7,448 crores. Sequoia held a 7.3 percent stake in the company. The company had sold shares worth about $25 million in Zomato before the IPO.

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