September 23, 2021


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Mirabai’s goodluck in earrings: Mother made earrings with Olympic rings after selling jewelry

Mirabai's goodluck in earrings: Mother made earrings with Olympic rings after selling jewelry

New Delhi
Besides Mirabai Chanu’s historic silver medal and her sweet smile, the weightlifter’s scintillating performance on Saturday also attracted attention from the Olympic ring-shaped earrings her mother gifted her five years ago after selling her jewelry. Was.

Mirabai’s mother hoped that this would help her luck. That didn’t happen at the Rio 2016 Games, but Mirabai won a medal at the Tokyo Games on Saturday morning, and her mother Sekhom Ongbi Tombi Lima’s tears of joy have not stopped since then.


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Lima said at her home in Manipur, “I saw the earrings on TV, I gave it to her in 2016 before the Rio Olympics. I had made these with the gold lying with me and my savings, so that his luck shines and he gets success.’

tears of joy in father’s eyes
Meera’s mother said, ‘I was in tears seeing him and even when he won a medal. Her father (Sekhom Kriti Meitei) also had tears in her eyes. Tears of happiness She achieved success through her hard work.” Many relatives and friends were also present in her house to see Mirabai creating history in Tokyo.

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Rio’s despair forgotten
Mirabai ended India’s 21-year wait for a weightlifting medal at the Olympics with a silver medal in the women’s 49kg category and also opened India’s medal tally at the Tokyo Games. Twenty-six-year-old Chanu, lifting a total of 202 kg (87 kg + 115 kg), outperformed Karnam Malleswari, a bronze medalist at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Along with this, Mirabai also left her 2016 Rio Olympics disappointment behind when she failed to make a valid attempt.


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People came from far and wide in the house
Mirabai has three sisters and two more brothers. Her mother said, ‘She told us that she would definitely win a gold medal or at least a medal. So everyone was waiting for this to happen. Many of our distant relatives had come last evening only. They stayed at our house for the night. Many came this morning and the people of the area also gathered. So we put it on the verandah and there were about 50 people in Tokyo to watch Mirabai play. Many people were also sitting in front of the courtyard. So it looked like a festival.’

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Blessing was taken on video call
Lima said, ‘Many journalists also came. We had never experienced such a thing.’ Mirabai spoke over a video call before the start of her event at the Tokyo Weightlifting Arena and sought her parents’ blessings. Aroshini, Mirabai’s sister-in-law, said, “She rarely comes home (due to her training) and that’s why we have set up a group on WhatsApp to talk to each other.” This morning he spoke to all of us over video call and took blessings from his parents. He said bless me for winning the gold medal for the country. He blessed. It was a very emotional moment.

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