September 23, 2021


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Afghanistan Crisis: Came here in the hope of a better life… now Afghan refugees troubled for their loved ones



  • Afghan refugees living in Delhi are worried about their loved ones
  • Appeal of refugees – Government of India should help Afghanistan
  • There was also the fear of returning after the expiry of the visa.

New Delhi
The death of Danish Siddiqui, a senior Indian-origin photojournalist for news agency Reuters and a resident of Delhi’s Jamia Nagar area, in last week’s attack by Taliban in Afghanistan has raised concerns for Afghan refugees living in the capital. These days the situation in many areas of Afghanistan is very worrying. After the withdrawal of US forces, the Taliban have regained control of a large part of the country and are constantly engaged in violent clashes with the Afghan army. In such a situation, the Afghan refugees living here in Delhi are now worried about the safety of their families, friends and other knowledgeable people living there in their country. At the same time, their uncertainty about their future has also increased.

Refugees are troubled by the current situation in their country
A major settlement of Afghan refugees in Delhi is also in Lajpat Nagar area, which is also known as Refugee Colony. Apart from this, a large number of Afghan refugees live in some other nearby areas including Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, Garhi, Ashram and Bhogal and take care of themselves and their families by doing different types of work. All these people are troubling the current situation of their country and in view of this, now these people are looking towards the Government of India with hope, so that the Government of India can intervene in this matter and help in improving the situation.

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fear haunts everyday
One such Afghan refugee Wahidullah Ahmadi told in a conversation with NBT that we are very upset to hear the kind of news that is coming for the last few days. I have been living here with my wife for 10 years, but my two brothers and a sister live there in a village near Kabul. I am afraid that even those people may not fall prey to this violence. He said that I am talking to my relatives every day and they are telling that the strength of Taliban is increasing day by day there. Two or four more relatives, including one of my cousins, have also been killed in the fighting. There my brothers and sisters are in trouble and I too have taken refuge here in India, leaving my home, land, gardens and gardens. I don’t know what our future will be. We just hope that the Government of India will help in resolving this issue.

India should help the Afghan people
there another Afghan refugees Ahmadullah told that there is no Afghan refugee here in Delhi, whose family members are not living in Afghanistan. That’s why everyone is upset at this time and is constantly contacting their families and taking their well being. We do not know how long this fight will last and what will be its end, but we do not want our families to live the life of refugees like us. That’s why we request the Indian government to talk to our government and help the Afghan people.

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‘Visa has expired’
Some people here told that their visas have expired, but despite applying, FRRO has not taken any action yet. In such a situation, these people are also worried that they may not have to return here in the coming days. These people also questioned the role of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), saying that we are not getting any help from their side. Even due to no local documentation, we have not yet been able to get a vaccine to protect against corona. We do not want the lives of other people to be spoiled like us, so we are expecting from the Government of India.

At the same time, Afghan refugee Harpreet Singh said that I have come through Kabul only a week ago. The situation there is getting worse day by day. Especially in the areas where the Taliban have been occupied, people are worried about their safety. Many of our family members also live there. So far those people are safe, but what will happen next, nothing can be said now.