September 26, 2021


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The murder of child Ayman in Boalkhali has not been solved for 5 years

In the last five years, the murder of Ayman Haque Kayep in Boalkhali, Chittagong has not been solved. The accused has not been caught, the police have not been able to unravel any mystery of the murder in so many years.

It is learned that Ayman left home at around 12 noon on Thursday, November 9, 2016 and claimed that he did not return home. The next day, Ayman’s cousin Md. Filed a missing person’s diary at the police station. Shawkat Hossain. Ayman’s body was found in the kitchen of his house around 2pm on Saturday, November 11, two days after he went missing. The family members claimed that Ayman was killed and left in the kitchen at that time.

Ayman’s family had applied to the ADM court for burial without an autopsy. Without the permission of the ADM court, the police recovered Ayman’s body and sent it to the morgue after the inquest report. According to the inquest report, Ayman’s eyes were open. His head, mouth, lips were swollen and his tongue was bitten by teeth. Blood came out through the nose and mouth. Little stool came out in the anus. Also putrefaction in other parts of the body. An unnatural death case was filed at Boalkhali police station in this regard.

Meanwhile, after 6 and a half months of recovering the body, the autopsy report of Ayman came to Boalkhali police station.

The autopsy report said Ayman died of head injuries. As a result, the murder began to unravel. Despite receiving the autopsy report, the police have not yet been able to unravel the mystery of how the murder took place. However, the police initially confirmed that an attempt was made to hide the body after killing Ayman.

Police said the killers confirmed Ayman’s death by hitting him on the head. Then they also tried to hide Ayman’s body. Police are working to recover the real mystery of the murder. The culprit will not get any exemption. The then OC also said that the culprits would be identified and brought to justice as soon as possible and the real mystery of the incident would be revealed.

But later at the end of 2019, the case was handed over to PIB by Boalkhali police. Even in the last 5 years, the complication of this murder has not been solved. No accused has been identified. The case has remained a mystery to this day.

Chittagong PBI sub-inspector. Rustam Ali said the investigation into the case is not over yet.

Neighbors said Ayman’s father was the third of four brothers. Ayman’s great uncle lives separately with the family, but the rest live together. Ayman’s father runs a small business in the area and his uncles are all expatriates. Ayman’s father Ezaharul Haque became the father of their second child on October 30. The family was happy with this. Ayman went missing and then the rescue of the body faded away. The deceased was identified as Aiman, son of Ezaharul Haque, chairman of Badrup Meher, Darappara, East Gomdandi of Boalkhali municipality. Government management must ensure food security for poor families: GM Quader

Jatiya Party Chairman and Deputy Leader of the Opposition Golam Mohammad Quader MP said that there is a lot of mourning in the families of the unemployed in Corona. Government management should ensure food security of poor families by making a list in a neutral manner.

In a statement today, Jatiya Party chairman Golam Mohammad Quader said a recent survey by PPRC and BRAC found that about 15 per cent of the country’s people had fallen below the poverty line in a single year in Corona. In numbers it is about 2 crore 45 lakhs. And millions more are already living below the poverty line. According to various research institutes, that number is not less than three and a half crore.

In a statement, Jatiya Party chairman Golam Mohammad Quader further said that lockdown is going on across the country to deal with the second wave of corona. There is a risk of further increase in the poverty rate in the second phase. The main reasons for the increase in the poverty rate are poverty and declining income. Due to the lockdown, these family members are not able to go out for work. There is no food in the family of the people who eat day by day. Again, many poor families need life-saving drugs. Many families need baby food. In such a situation, a catastrophe has occurred in the families of the unemployed. In this context, I demand the government to make a proper list and strengthen social security programs among the poor.