September 23, 2021


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Stock Tips: In the next few weeks, two mid cap and one small cap shares can give you excellent earnings.

Stock Tips: In the next few weeks, two mid cap and one small cap shares can give you excellent earnings.


  • Two midcap and smallcap stocks can give excellent returns in the coming few weeks.
  • IT companies are making recovery in their business even during the Corona crisis.
  • Investors must keep the shares of Granules India in their portfolio.

New Delhi
If you also want to earn from investing in stocks, then today we are telling you about two midcap and smallcap stocks which can give excellent returns in the coming few weeks. Rahul Sharma of Equity 99 Advisors believes that investing in stocks of companies like Granules India, Jindal Stainless and Pitti Engineering can help you get rich quickly. Sharma says that after the result season, the stocks of IT companies are looking attractive from the investment point of view.

Companies in the IT sector have power
Rahul Sharma said that there are many sectors to invest in the stock market, on which people are not able to pay attention till now. Some time ago many companies went into the consolidation phase, from which they have now exited. The functioning of the IT sector has been affected due to the Corona crisis, but even after that the results of the companies have been excellent.

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spending on infra will come down
IT companies are making recovery in their business even during the Corona crisis. Now IT companies are focusing on saving expenses, which includes reducing the cost of infrastructure. There are many such companies for investment in the IT sector, which can give great returns to the investors in the coming days.

Good News from USA for Granules India
Rahul Sharma said that Grand Vinus India has announced that its US based subsidiary Granules Pharma has successfully completed the free approved inspection. The company had filed 3 applications for this. This is great news for the company. investors in your portfolio Shares of Granules India Must keep it. If we talk from technical point of view, after a long period of consolidation on the weekly chart, now the shares of Granules India are becoming bullish.

jindal stainless
Jindal Stainless may also have a bullish atmosphere in the coming few days. The rise in this stock has started from the time of trading at ₹ 134. Last week it was reported that Tata Steel Mining and Jindal Steel have signed an MoU. This is great news for both companies. The company is going to announce its results on July 26. The company is continuously working on reducing debt and this will definitely help it in the coming days. The fourth quarter saw a significant growth in the operating profit of Jindal Stainless, along with the increase in the net profit of the company. If we talk on the technical ground, then the company’s stock is now expected to rise on the daily chart. One can buy Jindal Steel shares with a target of ₹175 with a stoploss of ₹120.

Benefit from Pitti Engineering
If we talk about the shares of Pitti Engineering Limited, then this company is a leading company in the manufacture of electrical steel lamination. It is also the largest company in the country in terms of export of electrical steel laminations. Pitti Engineering’s revenue grew 50 percent in the fourth quarter while its EBIDTA grew 50 percent. The company’s management is expecting good growth in the business in the current financial year. Pitti Engineering Lions can be bought for a target of ₹190 with a stoploss of ₹135.

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Sheikh Hasina was last arrested on July 17, 2008, during the rule of the caretaker government of Fakhruddin-Moinuddin. Released 11 months later, on June 11, 2006. Khaleda Zia also spent one year in jail at that time. He was arrested on February 8, 2016, almost a decade later. Khaleda Zia has now been convicted of corruption and is in jail for more than three years. With the exception of the military ruler HM Ershad, no important political leader has had to stay in jail for such a long time in Bangladesh.

On the other hand, Sheikh Hasina has taken over as the Prime Minister a few months after her latest release and has been holding this post for more than 13 consecutive years. During this time he has been able to make unimaginable progress in the socio-economic field of Bangladesh. Many war criminals have been severely punished. He has crushed the pride of Bangabandhu’s assassins. The golden jubilee of independence and the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has been celebrated by tackling the terrible disaster of coronavirus. In rhetorical politics, the BNP claims to be a stronger party than the Awami League. It also says that they are ahead in public support. But the real scenario is different. They are just watching one political and economic achievement after another of Sheikh Hasina. Is it magic? No, what is the riddle of politics? Why this disaster, the BNP leadership is looking into it? No, is that power also coming down to them? What do the scholars of the political arena say? BNP’s ‘friend’ heroic freedom fighter Dr. Jafrullah Chowdhury has admitted that Tareq Rahman, who was convicted in a corruption case, was responsible for his failure and advised him to devote himself to intensive studies for two years and leave the leadership of the BNP in the hands of his young daughter Barrister Jaima Rahman. However, in this ‘crime’, he has been publicly harassed by the activists of Chhatra Dal. The question is – what is the future of such an intolerant party?

According to the famous journalist and writer Abul Mansur Ahmed’s book ‘Fifty Years of Politics I Saw’, Ayub Khan arrested a large number of leaders and activists of various political parties including Awami League and NAP after the imposition of military rule in Pakistan on October 6, 1958. Abul Mansur Ahmed was a member of the cabinet of Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy of Pakistan. He was also arrested. In jail, he saw Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman spending their mornings and evenings happily planting vegetable gardens, chilli-eggplants and various seasonal flower saplings. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has gone one step further. He collected a fazli mango sapling from another ward and planted it in the small yard of his cell and told the jail super – that he intended to eat the mango from this tree. Even the officers were surprised to see the morale of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. [Fifty years of politics I have seen, page 462]

For the leaders and workers of the Awami League, which was established on 23 June 1949, various forms of torture, including imprisonment, were nothing new. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who has been conferred the title of Bangabandhu since February 23, 1969, has spent almost one-fourth of his 55-year life in jail.

In the fifth volume of all the intelligence reports published about Bangabandhu during the Pakistan period, Waheeduddin Ahmed Chowdhury, the jailor of Dhaka Central Jail, had the following remarks: ‘Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was brought to Dhaka Central Jail after the imposition of martial law. He did not feel depressed or depressed. He encouraged other prisoners to stay in prison for long periods of time. However, it will not be possible to maintain military rule for long. We will go back to the people again. ‘[Intelligence Report, Volume 5, Page 42]

Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina has seen in her childhood and adolescence – her father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has spent almost half of his two decades in jail in Pakistan. The rest of the time was spent on organizational work, visiting district-sub-divisions-police stations or spending time in the party office in the morning and evening if I was in Dhaka. I gave the title of one of my writings – ‘Seeing Begum Mujib’s prison’. It is difficult to keep track of how many times she has visited the jail and Dhaka Cantonment to meet her husband. At that time children were companions. The eldest daughter Sheikh Hasina lived in almost every ‘dekha’. He has heard the slogan ‘I will break the lock of the jail, I will bring Mujib’s brother’ since childhood. After almost two and a half years in jail, Bangabandhu was released from jail on February 26, 1952. When he went to his house in Gopalganj, he heard his five-year-old daughter Hasina chanting along with her three-year-old brother Kamal: ‘I will break the lock of the jail, I will bring Mujib’s brother.’ She said to her husband, “She is listening to this slogan all the time, now she is saying it herself.”


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