September 23, 2021


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You say Mahiruha, I say my soul: May the green of CRB be protected

The trees of the city stand as a natural atonement for our civic sins. The trees of the hills and the land are dying, the fish of the water are dying. Officials are busy applauding the development balance sheet. In fact, the development of such a pair does not survive. In the terminology you teach, it is not ‘sustainable’, it is not sustainable. Do something people friendly.

Under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP), the construction of a 500-bed hospital and a 100-seat medical college in the CRB area of ​​Chittagong is in full swing. Railway’s contract with United Hospital was executed in March last year. Although the PPP policy was formulated in 2010, the law was passed in 2015. PPP policies and laws have been formulated with great importance and have been attached to the Prime Minister’s Office. From the very beginning, it has not been profitable due to lack of interest from stakeholders, but the example of PPP, ‘Quick Rental’ power plants, has now become a development responsibility. The hospital project, which has been criticized by the CRB, is also under PPP. However, even though it was considered profitable, the construction of this hospital was not supported by destroying nature. There is no shortage of space in Chittagong for projects that do not harm trees, hills and the environment.

CRB in an enchanting landscape with unique features. Chaitra Sankranti, Poyla Boishakh, Basant Utsav, Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti and other atmospheric Bengali programs are organized in the magical atmosphere of CRB. After the limited use of DC Hill, this green natural stage was brought to life by the cultural activists. The Chittagong Development Authority undertook a project in 2012 to further develop the CRB area at a cost of Taka 10 crore across this shady Maya area. Maybe he is stuck in the project plan because it is not as big and profitable as setting up a flyover or metro rail.

There is a kind of anarchy in our development thinking. That is why the issue of destruction of nature and life comes to the fore at some stage of the capitalist system of life. Environmentalist and developmentalist – divided into two parts. But the protesters here who stand for the CRB tree are actually life activists. In this one chill, the hilly green is actually the lung of Chittagong. Economist Selim Jahan in one of his writings called the city of cut trees – ‘naked city’. We don’t want such a ‘naked city’. No one is opposed to this project but is asking to reconsider the selection of the site for construction of the hospital and implement it elsewhere.

The adjective ‘Bir’ is not seen before the name of any other city in the country as seen in the term ‘Bir Chattala’. In fact, the city is not a hero, but its citizens, which was seen during the war of independence. It is also recalled that under the leadership of the late ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury, the brave citizens of Chittagong thwarted all the plans to reverse the results of the BNP-Jamaat vote in the 2005 elections by guarding the polls overnight. Many believe that Chittagong City Corporation set a ‘unique example’ in cleanliness, education and health services during the tenure of ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury. Chittagong’s name could also be found in the Healthy City ranking at that time.

Despite receiving national level attention, he not only loved Chittagong but also remained in the city of his life. Chittagong is the city of his last breath. After all, world-class talented professionals can’t go anywhere just because they can’t leave this city. It is hoped that this hospital will be built in a convenient place other than CRB in accordance with the rationale of the protest. The secretive citizens of this city can do it all.

A couple of years ago, a bench of Hon’ble Justice M Enayetur Rahim issued a rule to save the ‘snail shell’, an endangered bird species, from extinction. Just a few days ago, the Hatirjheel-Begunbari project in the capital was declared a public trust and the High Court ruled that all kinds of business and commercial establishments including hotels, restaurants and shops in the project area were illegal. According to the verdict, the Hatirjheel-Begunbari project in Dhaka was declared a public trust in accordance with the principles of the Turag river verdict. Hon’ble Justice. The High Court bench of Ashraful Kamal pronounced the verdict. I also want to rely on the environmentally sensitive high court, because the court is the last refuge.

For the past few days, profiles have been being posted on social media by writing ‘Save CRB’ with a green queen, it would not be right to think that it is merely an expression of petty bourgeois romanticism. I think Subodh is not dead yet. This is the government that showed the smartness of not building an insurance port in Arial Bill by damaging the agricultural land, let that facility wake up. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s commitment to environment and climate issues has led her to lead global forums such as the Climate Vulnerable Forum. Everyone is asking for his sincere and sensitive intervention in the CRB’s green saving issue.

“In the middle of the field in the middle of the day, in the middle of the field, in a sad and lonely place

Far-smelling slow-moving exhaustion

I played the flute all day! You get up today!

Where is the fire? Whose conch has risen? ”

Come back to Rabindranath More! The first two lines of the poem came to mind when I saw the shady green of CRB. Now, in the context of the new protest, the next two lines are also quite adaptable. The greenery of the city is almost disappearing and what is a little somewhere is also turning gray. If you want to say, you can hear it in the mountains.

You say mahiruh

I say my soul.

This soul is of the tree, of the mountain. A.

E soul is mine, yours, this soul is of nature. I-you are also part of this nature.

Hopefully, the Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) will not approve any commercial establishment in the CRB considering it a ‘heritage zone’. We want to rely on the CDA’s position.