September 23, 2021


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Cuba and the ‘wrong’ caption of the photo

Cuba and the ‘wrong’ caption of the photo
An old discussion has surfaced on social media about an AFP photo published in the Guardian. That is, the political bias of the Western media. We read a lot of articles in BBC-CNN, Guardian, New York Times about the freedom of the media and how it should have a neutral point of view. Do they believe in themselves? Practice?

If so, why look at the ‘treatment’ of the Hong Kong protests and the Chilean protests? Why would they be happy to oust Morales in Bolivia, and Donald Trump’s relatives will be seen berating them for attacking Capitol Hill. If they are committed to freedom of speech, the right to speak, and respect for the independent views of everyone, why are they worried about the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, without looking at the Afghan people?

The hard answer to these questions is that they deliberately double-check their ‘treatment’. Maximum efforts are made to make the readers follow the western policy. If challenged, they may even come up with their own ‘editorial policy’ in this regard. Let’s do that. But they are a party, why are they hiding it? Regular readers of their various media can now easily catch the enemy who is the enemy, why the enemy, the motive behind all the actions of the enemies, on the other hand, all the injustices of the allied countries and organizations. For that reason, on the one hand, the credibility of these western media is declining, on the other hand, their ‘propaganda’ and provocative news are declining day by day.

I was talking about that picture of AFP. When the photo was first published, the world was informed that thousands of anti-government people had gathered at the Maximo Gomez Monument in Havana. They are angry at the communist government. President Miguel Diaz is demanding Canel’s resignation.

But the opposite is true. The gathering at the Maximo Gomez Monument was for government supporters. They are chanting slogans against the US conspiracy.

Even better, there has been a gathering of the government to point out the wrong picture. You don’t usually see a lot of pictures of a large gathering of political opponents of the US administration in these media.

The Guardian took the time to admit the mistake in the caption of their news photo one day. In the past, it has taken a long time for the Western media to admit the “mistake” of inventing “terrible weapons” in Iraq. That ‘mistake’ fueled the US-UK and their allies ’campaign in the Middle East; The operation took the lives of thousands of civilians and turned the Middle East upside down, but the “terrible weapon” was no longer found.

I moved from South America to the Middle East to talk about the ‘wrong’ compensation of the media, especially the Western media. What’s more, the link between the war industry, Western capitalism and their ‘independent media’ is even longer.

However, there have been anti-government protests in Cuba. I knew that. But the BBC-CNN-Reuters could not tell us much about the basis of the anger, the arguments of the protesters against the government. What he said is also vague. It is said that the state of the economy is bad, unemployment is rising, power shortages – thousands of people have protested in several cities in Cuba. Many protesters were seen flying U.S. flags. We have seen this before in Hong Kong. What is the rationale for this trend of protesting with the US flag, how will the US liberate the people of other countries, is the US calling for military intervention in the protests using this flag? Sends a message to prolong the blockade? Who knows

Well, is the role of the unjust blockade of the United States behind the deteriorating economy of the island being found anywhere in the Western media? How long has the blockade been on Cuba? 60 years. Why block? Does Cuba have nuclear weapons? Is Cuba provoking tensions among U.S. citizens? The innumerable radios that can be heard inside the United States, all day long, the pinnacle of US policy? None.

One country. The island nation in one lakh square kilometers, the population is about one crore 10 lakhs. Once upon a time there was a place for the elite of the United States to have fun. As seen in the famous Godfather movie, much of the wealth of the United States divided Cuba. Then the revolution of Fidel Castro. Then one reform after another; And as a result, unimaginable progress has been made bypassing the US blockade. The CIA documents now show that the US administration – whether Democrats or Republicans – are trying desperately to overthrow the Cuban government and assassinate Fidel.

Health and education are free in Cuba. The country’s remarkable progress in public health has been heard from the United Nations over the past few years. During the coronavirus epidemic, their medical teams went to several countries, taking doctors, medicines, medical supplies. The list of countries that have taken help from “poor” Cuba also includes some of the “developed” countries in Europe. Cuba is vaccinating against the coronavirus, even under the unjust blockade of the United States. Havana sought a waiver from the embargo on vaccine materials, but the United States, a “successful state of humanitarian, advanced consciousness,” refused.

One doctor for every 180 people in Cuba. There is no place for racism. Gender equality, in all cases. There is no illiteracy. 60 out of 189 countries in the Human Development Index. The average life expectancy is 69 years. Shish under five years of age

The mortality rate is only 5 per thousand, in the United States it is 7.5, in our neighboring country India it is around 35.

None of this is official Cuban data, nor is it the propaganda of the Cuban Communist Party. Accounts of the United Nations and various international organizations. But is there any information in the Western media that can cover even the ‘propaganda’ of Democrat-Republican foreign policy without scrutiny?

Doesn’t seem to catch the eye.

Listen to the Chinese embassy in Havana commenting on what happened in Cuba. They say a Miami-based organization was instrumental in creating unrest in Cuba, with the Florida government pouring money back into it. Numerous fake images are used to trend the hashtag ‘SOS Cuba’ on Twitter. In one of them, Raul Castro is seen boarding a Venezuelan plane. With millions, thousands of fake accounts, as well as influential US political activists, businessmen and social media celebrities, Raul is fleeing to Venezuela after witnessing protests in Cuba. But the picture was a few years ago, Raul was then president. He was going to Venezuela on an official visit. Well, the accounts tweeted with these fake pictures, whose rich-retweets are millions, millions; Did Twitter label them?

Pictures of anti-government protests in Cuba flooded US President Biden. “The Cuban people have sent a strong message of independence,” he said, with the US flag in his hand.

The United States is known for its stinginess in showing “respect for the sovereignty” of rival or “enemy” states. When it comes to Democrat-Republican riots in the Capitol, it’s not too late to remind them of the phrase. However, they do not even think twice to speak against the system of government, the system of government and the verdict of the people in those countries which are included in the ‘Satan’s Axis Powers’. After the overthrow of Morales in Bolivia, Washington’s uproar is about that day. Now compare their reaction to that incident with the reaction after the coup in Myanmar. Or think of their position on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashugazi at the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

Where is their anger against Cuba? This question was asked earlier. Washington can’t really take a communist state at the tip of its nose. Can’t change the regime there, can’t create chaos there, can’t collapse economically. And despite their best efforts, they can’t accept that. This is how the American ego is despised! Incredible. That is why Biden, the epitome of political etiquette, has to abuse ‘communism’ morning and afternoon.

However, the list of these “failures” in the United States is getting longer and longer. The leaves are being rolled out from Iraq-Afghanistan. Russia, China and even Iran are not going to be overpowered. Attempts to overthrow the government in Venezuela, Bolivia, assassinate Maduro-Morales, or deport them have also failed. On the contrary, as anti-US “collusion” grows stronger, so does conflict and mistrust in the net.

However, the level of anti-government protests in Cuba is declining, in the wake of US foreign policy hopes. Cuban news and pictures on the AP, AFP, Guardian, BBC, Reuters are also declining.

Immediate but firm response to the US conspiracy and lies about Cuba will be found in the protests of millions of people in different cities including Havana with the slogans ‘Viva Fidel’ and ‘Viva Cuba’. But the Western ‘posh’ media will not show us pictures of those protests, we will not listen to their arguments.

We will not be told that the governments of Latin and Caribbean countries are also in favor of Cuba. In the political arena of the region, Cuba has probably activated an “anti-US vaccine” invisibly. Will the Western media ever tell us about the vaccine without making a ‘mistake’?