September 23, 2021


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10 year old brother jumped into the river to save sister, sister survived but could not save her life

A 10-year-old boy has done something that will make you feel both happy and sad at the same time. Rick Lee Sneve sacrificed his life to save the life of his younger sister. On Saturday, Rick’s sister, Chevelle, fell into the Big Sioix River in the US state of South Dakota.

Rick’s mother, Nicole Eufers, told the Daily Mail that he had gone to the river with his father and siblings. Some children fell into the river, Rick’s father saved 2 children and Rick jumped into the river to save his sister. Rick was able to get his sister to the shore but she got lost in the flow of the river.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s office at 7:30 pm informed about a major rescue mission on social media. Several agencies assisted the Lincoln County Sheriff and began looking for Rick. Rick’s dead body was recovered by a team of divers at 10:30 pm on Saturday. The family identified Rick’s body.

Rick’s father Chad Sneve, while talking to reporters , said, ‘He was a boy who could do anything.’ 

Nicole Eufers told that Rick had 5 siblings and Rick was his best friend. Rick loved wrenching with his father, Chad Sneve, while he worked with his stepfather, Logan, on 4 Wheeler. He also helped his stepmother Jaici in cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of the house. Nicole Eufers said in a conversation with the media that Rick taught her to love and appreciate life.

Father sold fruits, he came to Mumbai to sell Italy-Dosa, liked ice cream, today business of 300 crores

Ice Cream. Everyone will have childhood memories about it. Then its test is liked by everyone. With the passage of time, its flavors increase and its presence in people’s homes also. Now ice cream is eaten for 12 months. A whole new ‘sanskar’ of eating ice cream has been developed.


Here ice cream was becoming the choice of the people and on the other hand Raghunandan S Kamath was interested in its business. When his father used to sell fruits, he had a good knowledge about fruits and their taste. Raghunandan first opened a small ice cream shop in Mumbai and then connected it with fruits in such a way that he became the ‘Ice Cream Man’.

More than the name of Raghunandan S Kamath, his ice cream company ‘Natural Ice Cream’ came in the discussion. Starting from Mumbai, his journey reached every nook and corner of the country and on seeing his company started doing business of 300 crores.

On 1 February 1983, Raghunandan started his first outlet named Natural Ice Cream, Mumbai in Juhu area. Juhu was equally popular at that time. Raghunandan understood in a few days that he would not be able to survive here only on the strength of ice cream. He started selling pav bhaji over the counter itself. People eat pav bhaji and then ice cream. This bunch started attracting people.

When Raghu came, he was in the business of ice cream. His concept was also clear. In such a situation, he worked continuously on the quality and test of his ice cream. He used to prepare ice cream from fruits, milk and sugar. Do not shake anything extra. Like the name of the shop, their ice cream is absolutely ‘Natural Rahat’.


Raghunand’s brother, who belonged to Mulki village in Puttur taluka of Karnataka, used to run a food eatery in Mumbai under the name Gokul. When Raghunand grew up a little, in the year 1966 he too reached the brothers. South Indian dishes like idli, dosa were available in the eatery and also ice cream.


Raghunandan got the most ice cream in his shop. Engaged in Etiree shop and learn business. Meanwhile, they got married in the year 1983. When the expenses increased, Raghunandan planned to do something of his own. He had understood the business of ice cream and he decided that he would get into this business.