September 23, 2021


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Experts claim: Many people got immunity against corona but negligence can be heavy

Experts have said that at a time when a large number of people have now developed immunity against the corona virus due to past infection or vaccination, there are references to implementing restrictive measures to avoid another wave of the disease. There is a need for a protected approach.

Dr. Yudhveer Singh, who manages the COVID-19 ICU at AIIMS, New Delhi, says that when the cases are low, it is necessary to remove some restrictions to resume economic activities. “Still, we should continue to follow the COVID-19 compliant behavior and not be careless,” he said. In view of the large number of cases reported in Delhi during the second wave of corona virus infection, Dr. Singh said that there may be a situation of herd immunity here.

At the same time, Dr. Pooja Khosla, Senior Consultant in the Department of Medicine at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, says that the second wave of corona virus has taught us that cases can suddenly increase rapidly. He said, ‘There have been warning signs from different parts of the world. There has been a slight increase in cases in India too. The infection can progress at any time. I believe that no one should create a wrong concept. We should do everything possible to avoid another wave of this disease like crisis.

n Budapest, away from Tokyo, Indian wrestler Priya Malik has won the gold medal by performing tremendously. Priya defeated the Belarusian wrestler 5-0 in the final of the 73kg category on the last day of the World Cadet Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Let us inform that Priya has won gold medals in Khelo India in Pune in 2019, 17th School Games in Delhi in 2019 and National Cadet Championship in Patna in 2020. Priya Malik won gold in the National School Games held in the year 2020.

The Ministry of Health wants Tk 2,500 crore for training

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has asked for Tk 2,502.06 crore for training in a revised proposal of a program. The ministry has sent the revised proposal to the Planning Commission for approval at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC).

The program is called the Fourth Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Program (IV HPNSP) (first revised-proposed). The project has started from January 2016. It is expected to end in June 2022. It has also been proposed to extend the duration of the project by one year till 2023.

According to Planning Commission sources, the first revised proposal of the program has set aside Rs 2,176.2 crore for in-house training and Rs 316.15 crore for overseas training, which is Rs 108.65 crore for internal training and Rs 127.4 crore for overseas training. More than a lakh rupees.

On the other hand, under this program, Tk. 651.06 crore has been spent on internal training and Tk.

A top official of the Department of Health told Prothom Alo on condition of anonymity that there is training on tuberculosis program, financial management or how to calculate money, management information system, infectious disease control, non-communicable diseases, mental illness, maternal child health. There are many operational plans. Some training is provided for each operational plan. In these trainings daily allowance, notebooks, pens, bags are given. Apart from this, if anyone comes to Dhaka for training from the district level, he is given TA, DA (travel expenses). Thus this money is spent.

According to the source, the officers and employees of the institutions under the Ministry of Health have various types of training to improve their skills. These trainings are done at home and abroad. Training programs are also conducted under any project.

Iftekharuzzaman, executive director of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), said it was unreasonable to ask for so much money for training. Iftekharuzzaman told Prothom Alo that all domestic and foreign trainings are now fully online due to Corona, “No matter how much money is spent on training, no matter what explanation is given, it must be remembered that the world here will not have a business called training in the near future. Because, now the real training is online. Whether it is domestic or foreign. And there is no cost to online training. There is no opportunity to spend such a huge amount of money. He said there are no downsides with this. Those who are involved in this will take advantage of it and there is a risk of irregularities and corruption, said the executive director of TIB.

At this stage, the question of whether these trainings are needed at all will be raised at the meeting of the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) of the Planning Commission.
The project is being screened by the Planning Commission’s Socio-Economic Infrastructure Division. Its member (secretary) Mosammat Nasima Begum told Prothom Alo, “The PEC meeting of this project has not started yet. So nothing can be said right now.

Asked how much training will be given, Nasima Begum said, “I don’t know how many trainings will be given under this program. Without that we have not started the meeting yet. The meeting will start on July 27. Meetings are not possible in one day, as there are 31 operational plans in this program. Each operational plan is like a project. I will have a meeting with four or five operational plans. There will be 6 such meetings. Then it can be said. ‘ He said, sitting in the meeting, it can be said that the training cost is normal or abnormal.

After informing about the cost of domestic and foreign training, Planning Minister MA Mannan told Prothom Alo on Sunday, ‘You brought the matter to my notice, I will definitely look into it. Don’t forget it. I will see you tomorrow. ‘

Talking about some of the limitations, the planning minister said, “The project came to me just before I went to ECNEC after approval at the PEC meeting. Then ministers, secretaries, contractors, lobbying বাদ all the forces came and appeared on me. That is, you take it to the ECN as soon as possible. And these cannot be tested in such a way while sitting in ECNEC meeting.

MA Mannan said, ‘After the PEC, when the project comes to me, I have to rely on them. Because, the PEC chief is a member (secretary). Under him, a huge army conducted a month-long experiment. They give me the final state. I’m going to reopen it again. It will waste time, should not. Because, what is the difference between me and the secretary. His brain, close to my brain. He understands what I understand. ‘ Even then, if any question arises in his mind, he sent the project back to the member, said the planning minister.
Joint Secretary of the Department of Health Education and Family Welfare (Planning Branch) said. Abdus Salam Khan said in the first light, ‘No pass, nothing happened, only went to the Planning Commission. Apart from that, the health service department has sent the project, it would be better to ask them.

Additional Secretary of the Department of Health (Planning Division) said. Helal Uddin was unable to speak when called by Prothom Alo.
Sources said the project is being implemented at the initiative of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Department of Health Services, Department of Health Education and Family Welfare, Department of Health, Department of Family Planning, Niport, Department of Odhush Administration, Department of Nursing and Midwifery, Department of Health Engineering / Department of Public Works.

1 lakh 15 thousand 46 crore 49 lakh has been allocated for the main cost of the program. In the first amended proposal, it has been proposed to increase the expenditure by 27.56 percent or Tk 33,453 crore and allocate Tk 1,46,490.69 crore.

Before the launch of the Fourth Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Program in 2016, three more programs have been implemented from 1996 to 2017.