September 23, 2021


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Independence Day: Flowers will rain from a helicopter on the Red Fort on August 15!



  • On August 15, the helicopter will rain flowers on the Red Fort
  • Picture gallery will be decorated in Meena Bazar, which will show the historical journey of independence
  • This time on the wall below the ramparts of the Red Fort there will be a magnificent decoration of flowers

New Delhi
This time on the 15th of August, the festival of independence, flowers will be showered from the helicopter over the Red Fort. Helicopters will shower flowers on the Prime Minister of the country, special guests coming from the country and abroad, soldiers who witness this festival, Corona Warriors and others present. This would be the first time Independence day On the day of the Red Fort, like 26 January, while doing a flypast, flowers will be showered from the helicopter.

Officials’ visit regarding flowers
Officials of other agencies, including the Air Force, have also been visited at the Red Fort for the event, to ensure that the helicopter flypast does not pose any threat to the security of the Prime Minister and others, sources said. Especially in view of the threat of drone attacks.

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‘Picture gallery’ to be set up in Meena Bazar
Sources also said that this time on August 15, the historical journey from the country’s independence till now will also be shown at the Red Fort. For this a ‘picture gallery’ will be built in Meena Bazar here. In this, the development works of the government can also be highlighted. It will be managed by the Ministry of Defence. Whether this picture gallery will also be opened to the general public after August 15, it is not clear at the moment. But the Prime Minister and all the VIPs present there that day will be able to see the picture gallery in Meena Bazar.

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A wonderful decoration of flowers
Apart from this, from the ramparts of the Red Fort, from where the Prime Minister addresses the country, this time a magnificent decoration of flowers will be done on the wall of the fort below. In this, some symbol giving a message to the country can also be engraved. Apart from this, NCC cadets or Corona Warriors can be seated where school children used to sit in front of the ramparts.

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This time there will be very few special guests
Like last time, this time too there will be very few VIPs instead of the 800 VIPs sitting on the ramparts of the Red Fort with the Prime Minister on the right-left. This time their number will be only 120. Of these, 60 will sit in the left and 60 in the right. Only these VIP’s vehicles will be parked inside the Red Fort. The cars of all the other officers and others will be parked outside. Whatever arrangements are being made from the point of view of security, this time there will be more arrangements to eliminate the possibility of drone attack. For this, the system will be installed here with the help of DRDO and other agencies.