September 23, 2021


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If you go out for no reason, you have to pay a fine

Law enforcement is on high alert in the capital on Monday, the fourth day of strict restrictions on coronavirus infection. However, the crowd of ordinary people has increased a bit compared to other days. The pressure of private vehicles has also increased a bit, said the police personnel on duty in the field. Banani, Mohakhali, Tejgaon, Vijay Sarani, Farmgate, Banglamotor and Magbazar areas of the capital have been visited.

Tejgaon Traffic Department Sergeant Mohammad, who was on duty at the check post in front of BGPress near Satara Road. Ujjwal Hossain told Prothom Alo around 11:30 am that the movement of people has increased since 9 am. Most of those who are coming out are identifying the patient or the patient’s relatives. Some people are also saying that they have come out for vaccination or testing of Kovid-19.

The number of people going abroad has also been found to be higher than other days. Many people are leaving for logical reasons as many institutions including banking institutions are open. However, many are taking to the streets without a logical reason. Legal action is being taken against them.

7 people have been fined Tk 12,000 till 11:30 pm at this check post. One of them was found transporting passengers on a motorcycle. He said at the beginning of the interrogation that the passenger sitting in the back was his brother. Going to deliver to the office in case of emergency. It was later found that both of them had given false identities. They have been fined Rs 1,000 for giving false information.

Sergeant Ujjwal added that many of them could not show a logical reason for leaving. If such a person is found, legal action is being taken against him for disobeying the government order.

The government imposed strict restrictions from July 1 to 6 to reduce coronavirus infections. Later it was extended till July 14. After relaxing the restrictions for 7 days due to Eid, the government again imposed strict restrictions from July 23. Until August 5, the country will be under strict restrictions.

Umrah Hajj started again on 10th August

Due to the coronavirus, Saudi Arabia has not allowed foreigners to go to Saudi Arabia for a long time to perform Umrah. Even during Hajj was not allowed. This time the country announced the lifting of the ban. From August 10, residents outside Saudi Arabia will be able to perform Umrah again. Now Saudi citizens and people living in the country have the opportunity to perform Umrah.