September 22, 2021


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If you skip, who will make the video viral again

‘Before, I used to hang out with my friends and cousins ​​during Eid. I used to hang out. Many times I would go to the restaurant and eat and shout. Now I go and sit quietly like a polite girl. If you jump, who will make the video viral again? Seeing that, many will say, she is laughing and jumping as a heroine. ‘ Small screen actress Keya Payal kept laughing after saying the words.

Can’t hang out like that now because of the acquaintance. Even then he tried to spend as much time as he wanted before the restrictions. Now watching his own plays at home. Payal said, ‘I don’t feel like Eid anymore. I used to plan and go shopping. Even after seven days of Eid, Eid is not over. I used to hang out with friends and cousins. Still chatting. But his freedom to act has diminished. I am trying to spend time on my own break. ‘

Eid Payel’s 20 plays are being aired on various television channels and online. His plays including Rafat Majumdar’s ‘Dream Heroine’, Mizanur Rahman Arian’s ‘Shubh Plus Nila’, Mahmudur Rahman’s ‘Kabinnama’ are notable. Several dramas are still awaiting release. He said, ‘Audiences know me, commenting and criticizing my plays, these are the big find. If I have a little bit of fame, it’s a big deal for me to hold on to it. I am learning acting regularly. I want to continue learning this all the time. ‘

This time Payel is upset about the Eid drama. After being contracted for many jobs, he could not shoot some dramas due to strict restrictions. Apart from that, he did not write his name in the story that he has to shoot outside the shooting house or on the street. Payal said, ‘This time there was a possibility of releasing more dramas than Eid-ul-Fitr. Some of the restrictions did not work. Apart from that, Tousif Bhai’s corona happened. Besides, there were some good screenplays outside the story, which Corona refused to do due to caution. Sorry for those stories. But I will shoot them after Eid. ‘ movie ‘Dream Address’ will air on NTV at 2.25 pm. Starring Salman Shah, Shabnur. The Box at 6:15 p.m. Presentation by Nusrat Imroz Tisha. Serial ‘Medal’ at 6:45 pm. Starring Mosharraf Karim, Sarika Sabrin. The drama ‘Dark Roasted Coffee’ at 6:55 pm. Starring Chanchal Chowdhury, Faria Shahrin. The short film ‘Not Out’ at 9 pm. Starring Romana Rashid Ishita, Waheeda Mallick Jolly. Drama ‘Teacher’ at 9:30 pm. Starring Sajal, Oishee. The drama ‘Nikshit’ at 11 pm. Starring Tahsan, 2:10 pm TV movie ‘Ad-Bhoot’. Starring Sabila Nur, Palash. 4:30 pm serial ‘Mughal Family’. Starring Chanchal Chowdhury, Moushumi Hamid. Drama ‘Knock Me Baby’ at 5:05 pm. Starring Mishu Sabbir, Toya. Drama ‘Dantal’ at 6:05 pm. Starring Naeem, Marjuk Russell. The drama ‘Adare’ at 6:40 pm. Apurba in acting, Farin. The drama ‘Sushthang Kasthang’ at 8:45 pm. Starring Afran Nisho, Mehzabin Chowdhury. The serial ‘O Pakhi Tor Yantrana’ at 8:40 pm. Starring Chanchal Chowdhury, Mamunur Rashid. The drama ‘Frog Umbrella’ at 9:10 pm. Starring Jovan, Tanjin Tisha. Serial ‘Fakir Majnu’ at 9:55 pm. Starring Chanchal Chowdhury, Sarika. At 10:45 pm the drama ‘Aladdin Uncle’s Historical Giant’. Starring Mosharraf Karim, Shabnam Faria. The drama ‘Ghooni’ at 11:35 pm. Starring Mithila, Irfan Sajjad.

movie ‘ Balo Na Bhalobasi ‘ will be aired on RTV at 2:10 pm. Starring Ferdous, Shabnur. The serial ‘Chander Buri Noakhalla’ will be aired at 7 pm. Starring Tarin Jahan, Raunak Hasan. Game show The Box at 6:05 p.m. Drama ‘Obsession’ at 6:30 pm. Starring Jovan, Mau. The drama ‘Seasonal Thief’ at 9:30 pm. Starring Mithila, Irfan Sajjad. Serial ‘Big Boss’ at 11:05 pm. Starring Zahid Hasan, Nadia Ahmed. The drama ‘Another One Love’ at 11:30 pm. Apurba in acting, Sabila ‘Monpura’ at 2:20 pm at Maasranga . Starring Chanchal Chowdhury and Farhana Mili. Drama ‘Higher Accounting’ at 5:50 pm. The series ‘Baburchiana’ at 6:20 pm. Drama ‘joke’ at 8 pm. Serial drama ‘Bara Miya Shadi Mubarak’ at 9:10 pm. The drama ‘Bachelor Landlord’ at 9:50 pm. TV movie ‘Goodnight’ at 11:20 pm.