September 23, 2021


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Restrictions will reduce the purchase order by 10-15 percent

Meanwhile, despite strict restrictions imposed on our country, our major export markets, the United States and various European countries, have returned to normal. There is business going on. This July, the business of the US aviation (aircraft) companies surpassed the year 2019. This is an indicator. When the market opens up, those who produce the product as well as deliver it quickly will benefit. We have tried for a long time but we have not been able to diversify our export products and markets. As a result, there is still no alternative to our garments in the export of goods.

The world market is turning around. It is not reasonable to close business or factory for 19 days in a row at such a time. We will lose the opportunity. As the United States and European countries return to normalcy, sales there have risen sharply. As a result, there is a shortage of products in the sales centers of many big companies. For this they are all looking for products in quick time. On the other hand, it is taking longer than before due to container congestion at the port. In the meanwhile, new uncertainty has arisen due to the closure of the factory. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. Even if the price is high, they will go to another source.

Most large consumer organizations buy products through third parties. The whole process is happening automatically. That is why the export of garments has not been like that since July 13. If there is a lockdown till August 5, there will be a long cut in exports. There is a fear that it will have a negative impact on all subsequent purchases. There will be various complications in the whole business. We don’t think the government can explain that.

During the Eid holidays, many buyers’ representatives of the organization said that the garments made after the restrictions have to be sent by air, otherwise the purchase order will be canceled. Because, they need quick products. They have nothing to do, their hands and feet are tied. All in all, I think this time the restrictions will reduce our purchase orders by 10-15 percent.

From the beginning of Corona, we have been able to control the safety of garment workers quite well. The infection rate among our workers has never been more than 3 percent. The government has already started vaccinating the workers. Many buyers from China are withdrawing their purchases. Myanmar is also losing business due to military rule. We were getting some of the purchase orders from both countries. And our apparel industry is much more ready than ever to hold business. In this case, if the factory is closed after July 31, it will have a far-reaching negative impact.